Micro-Markets – What’s New this Spring.

Micro-markets offer a variety of options for staff engagement such as branding, the possibility to include a freezer, branded coffee options and more. However, simply switching up the choices available can help keep everyone motivated, productive and coming back for more.

Micro-markets have proved to be a well-received addition to the UK market in recent years and are only increasing in popularity. In 2023, the Automated Retail Association (AVA) found an increase in UK micro-market uptake of 500% in 2022, up 17% from 2021. An engaging alternative to standard vending, micro-markets offer an experience for staff and visitors. 

Setups are entirely bespoke to requirements, however the main feature of a micro-market is the kiosk, allowing users to pick fresh food, snacks and drinks, scan and pay at the self-service checkout.

Switching up your Micro-Market offering this Spring

Your micro-market selection likely focused on hot fresh food, pasta dishes and those classic winter comfort foods over the last few months. Spring is an opportunity to refresh your selection with lighter bites and zesty flavours.

Fresh Fruit

Why not mix up your micro-market snack offering this season with a variety of fresh fruit? Our wholesale deliveries include apples, bananas and oranges, with the option of plums, peaches and pears depending on the season. These can be added as an option at checkout.

Benefits of providing fresh fruit include providing health-conscious staff and visitors with an energy-boosting snack with natural nutrients and less sugar and salt (Head to Health).

Fresh Food Options

To complement your micro-market snacking favourites, try a new fresh food mix for spring. Swap out the warming toasties for a ploughman’s sandwich, a mixed grain or chicken caesar salad for those looking for healthier options. Introducing fish sandwiches and salads can help your staff and visitors increase their all-important fish intake for extra protein and vitamins. We also have Vegan and Halal options if required. 

Connect Vending is a supplier of Tanpopo fresh food products, including sushis, poke bowls such as the popular Katsu curry, teriyaki salmon and more. Contact your account manager to enquire.

Frozen Food

We’re finding that for UK micro-markets, freezers are becoming a popular addition. For spring into summer, ice-creams (including gelato!), lollies, frozen yogurt and sorbet are crowd-pleasers not to be missed. Not only will this increase employee wellbeing and satisfaction, it’s a great revenue generator for your business.

Freezers can be used throughout the seasons for storage of other desserts and longer life ready meals as well. This has led to a strong uptake in recent months and some very happy customers!

Micro-Market Snacks and Drinks

This Spring, we’re adding new items to our snack range, increasing variety. We’re always looking for new recommendations to refresh our range of snacks and drinks. 

New additions include Salty & Sweet popcorn from Love Popcorn, Cadbury Fruit & Nut bars, Caramel Kit-Kats and new Chewits bags. Rotating what’s available ensures your staff and visitors stay engaged with your offering, maintaining good profitability.

illy On The Go

In recent years, we’ve seen a rise in premium coffee brands developing branded coffee stations, making premium coffee accessible to workplaces. 


Here at Connect Vending, our partnership is with illy On The Go. A superior Italian coffee, illy On The Go is a market-leading solution that gives you the finest authentic coffee in every cup. With Swiss-engineered fresh milk coffee machines from Rex Royal and a fully managed service, what’s not to love?

Try something different this Spring and reap the benefits – contact us.