Browse our range to find a vending machine with card reader functionality. We offer a variety of vending machine card reader options and touch-free checkout solutions

Browse our range of contactless and cashless vending machines with card reader functionality. We offer a variety of vending machine card reader options and touch-free checkout solutions:

Providing convenient and hygienic ways for your employees and customers to grab food and drink on the go is now more important than ever, making contactless vending machines a great solution. Connect Vending are leading the way in supplying cashless payment systems for vending machines in the UK.

Browse our range of floor and table top machines that accept credit card payments.


We work with leading contactless payment providers, including vending technology market leaders Nayax, to provide flexible, secure and reliable contactless machine options. Our wide range of contactless vending machines can be fitted from new with contactless card payment systems, which accommodate Apple Pay, GooglePay and Nayax Monyx Wallet functionality.

Already using RFID or NFC technology on-site for staff access and other internal systems? Not to worry, our expert engineering team are here to find a card vending machine payment solution that ensures seamless integration with your existing contactless technology.

If you’re looking for a fully contactless vending machine solution that doesn’t rely on live card transactions, we can provide RFID tags that link directly with our payment systems, allowing your end-users to load funds by smartphone app and spend credit at payment points.


Some of our coffee machines and hot drinks machines can be fitted with distance selection technology, with users being able to select drinks from the menu whilst remaining 2cm away from the machine interface.

Combined with contactless machine technology, we are able to deliver a hot drinks vending solution with no touchpoints from selection through to drink dispense and payment. With highly transmissible viruses in office environments, this is particularly appealing to new clients.

Contactless Vending Machines with Deli Café

For organisations wanting a barrier-free snack, drinks and fresh food solution, our Deli Café micro market is the perfect solution – but without the physical barriers of conventional vending, how can you minimise the health and hygiene risks to your employees?

At Connect Vending we have access to market leading innovations which allow our customers to deliver an end-to-end retail process with far fewer touchpoints without physical barriers of conventional vending.

These innovations include distance select, smartphone app based ordering and payment and foot pedal controlled water dispensers. For those who want to ensure that any remaining touchpoints are also protected, we can provide antimicrobial surface coatings on machines to maintain hygiene levels.


What Are Contactless Vending Machines?

A contactless vending machine is not only a vending machine with card reading or contactless payment capabilities, but some coffee and hot drinks machines can be fitted with technology which removes the need to physically touch any part of the machine during the selection, vending and payment processes.

Why A Contactless Vending Machine?

Connect Vending’s contactless vending machine options allow users to make a selection, pay for the item and dispense their drink without ever touching the machine.

This is a very appealing proposition to clients in office settings where highly transmissible viruses can spread easily. It is also a great option for health and social care settings where cleanliness and hygiene are of paramount importance.

What Payment Options Are There On Contactless Vending Machines?

Our contactless vending machines accommodate Apple Pay, Google Pay and Nayax Monyx Wallet functionality on top of being compatible with all major card companies, giving clients the convenience and safety of not having to keep cash in the office.


Hear from our clients about how we've transformed their food and beverage provisions

Providing our staff with the facility to relax and enjoy a premium food and beverage offering which offers a wide range and diverse variety has been a highlight of our office move. We are certain the new concept will fuel our business aspirations into the future!

Ian Leech, Head of Procurement

In all of my conversations and meetings with Connect, they've been knowledgeable, helpful and efficient. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to potential clients.

Dawn McCue, Catering Manager

We have had a great relationship with Connect Vending for the last five years and we have always been impressed with the service and support we receive from the team.

Lesley Pacey, PA to the Directors

The Deli Café is fantastic as it offers our staff a wide variety of food items, including vegan and gluten free options, and is easy to stay on top of when it comes to management.

Peter Slade, Facilities Manager