Our New Paper Cups!.

Art is often considered the process or product of deliberately arranging elements in a way that appeals to the senses or emotions. It encompasses a diverse range of human activities, creations and ways of expression, including music, literature, film, sculpture and paintings. The meaning of art is explored in a branch of philosophy known as aesthetics. At least, that’s what Wikipedia claims.

There are plenty who claim Art cannot be defined and can argue for years to come as to what Art can or cannot be. We at Connect had only one thing in mind when it came to designing our 2016 paper cups, with the grace of advancements in print technology we had the opportunity to really think outside the box and do something that set us apart in the vending industry. Designing a set of cups using the core principles of Art and creating a mixed sleeve of four visually stunning cups. The artwork was influenced by great coffee producing nations. We are pleased to say all our clients are using paper cups and the transition has been seamless from plastic to paper; providing the opportunity to communicate with everyone through our cups. This year our message is to show a side of creative awareness and provide aesthetically pleasing cups in the work environment.

The design process began at the start of the year, as the images below show the gradual development from conceptual designs to the final print! Our design elements ranged from focusing on creating unique cityscape skylines to creating a storyboard of the birth of coffee. In conjunction with Benders UK we brought everything to life, we hope you enjoy every single one. You can order our new cups now!

Conceptual sketches

Final product

For more information on ordering our new cups visit connectvending.co.uk or call us now on 01865 341011