Self service technologies.

What are self service technologies (SSTs), How can they affect you?

Self-service technologies help customers in producing services without requiring any assistance from direct employees. Through the use of remote technology, an entire self service industry has emerged. there has been self service innovation in a wide variety of sectors. this article will be looking at the food and beverage industry and in particular innovation in self service canteens in B2B environments.

Self service technologies are a consequence and emergence of technologies such as wireless communication and remote service management. This tech is expected to drive further innovation in this field. According to Transparency Market Research “The need to provide satisfactory and convenient services with reduced costs in industries such as banking and retail is anticipated to generate demand for self-service technology.”

So how does it benefit businesses? Forward thinking companies are discovering that innovative new concepts like our Deli Café provide greater efficiency, flexibility to utilize costly work space and potential cost reductions via labor productivity which is inherently built in to Self service technologies. Businesses have also found a benefit in productivity from staff due to increased happiness due to a inviting environment.

Connect Vending is at the forefront of self-service technology in the food and beverage industry and specifically in providing creative solutions that support traditional vending. Our new Deli Café product encourages a modern work environment that provides flexibility, choice and convenience in helping you to meet your business aims.

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