Snack-pocalypse: What If Snack Vending Machines Suddenly Disappeared?.

Have you ever stopped to think about what a world without snack vending machines would be like? Picture it: no more sugary treats, salty snacks, or even hot meals at the touch of a button. No more convenience or endless variety. This is what we call a “snack-pocalypse” – a world without snack machines. How would society survive without these life-saving contraptions?

In this blog post, we’ll explore what life would be like if snack vending machines suddenly disappeared. Note: nothing we write in this blog post should be taken seriously.

The Horror of a Snackless Existence

Imagine a world without snacks. It’s a dark and twisted place, where the mere thought of not being able to satisfy your sudden cravings is enough to send shivers down your spine. Picture this: you’re walking down the street, feeling a little peckish, when suddenly you realise there’s not a single snack vending machine in sight. In fact, you can’t even remember what snack machines look like, or how they used to work.

Panic sets in as your stomach grumbles louder than a jet engine. You start to hyperventilate, desperately searching for a glimmer of hope that the next turn might unveil a street littered with snack machines, but alas, there are no crisps, no chocolate bars, and no deliciously unhealthy snacks to be found. It’s a living nightmare. People are wandering the streets, their faces contorted in anguish, their voices echoing with cries of despair. It would be a scene akin to the end of the world, but instead of zombies or aliens, it’s the absence of snack vending machines that sends humanity into a state of sheer terror.

The horror of snacklessness would be enough to drive anyone to madness. So let us all be grateful for the existence of snack vending machines, for they bring joy, comfort, and most importantly, an endless supply of snacks to keep us all from succumbing to the dark side of hunger.

A World Without Snack Vending Machines

A world without snack machines would lead to many more bleak, soulless settings. In the UK alone, there would be more than half a million empty spaces where snack vending machines used to be, leaving office workers and students alike lost and confused by the cobwebs and dust of machines passed.

Streets and workplaces alike would be filled with hordes of hangry individuals, roaming about in search of sustenance. The only sound to be heard would be the gnashing of teeth and the rustling of empty snack packets.

No longer would there be an easy fix for a bloodsugar slump or a quick snack to tide you over until dinner. You’d be forced to resort to desperate measures, like scrounging around for loose change in your pockets to buy a pack of gum, or rifling through your bag for some stale crackers or those free biscuits you get with coffee.

And don’t even get me started on the workplace woes. With no vending machines to provide that much-needed afternoon pick-me-up, productivity levels would plummet, and tempers would flare. Meetings would devolve into shouting matches as people argued over whose turn it was to run to the shop for snacks, and the unanswered sugar slump would lead to office spaces soon resembling the living spaces of elderly care homes – where sleep is the order of the day.

Yes, a world of workplaces and other settings without snack vending machines would indeed be a dire and unpleasant place. So let us cherish these machines that bring so much joy into our lives. Who knows, without them, we might be reduced to such crimes as kale crisp consumption.

A New Age of Hangry

We’ve thrown around the term “hangry” quite a bit in this article already, but it’s important to consider a world plagued by constant irritable hunger. It would be like living in a perpetual zombie apocalypse, except instead of brains, we’d be craving those delicious bags of crisps and confectionery.

Workers, patients, students and all other consumers would be permanently on edge, snapping at each other over the smallest things. Road rage would skyrocket as drivers desperately try to find a drive-thru or supermarket to satisfy their snack cravings, all at great expense to our mental comfort and wallets.

Supermarkets would turn into Hot Fuzz-esque warzones as people scramble to grab the snacks they have missed from the office. The shelves would be cleared of all junk food, leaving only sad and empty spaces behind. Fast food restaurants would be inundated with hangry customers, with lines wrapping around the block.

It’s a scary thought, but luckily, it’s just a fictional scenario. For now, let’s appreciate the fact that we live in a world with snack vending machines, because without them, we’d be living in a hangry-induced nightmare.

Snack Replacements - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

In the aftermath of the snack-pocalypse, we’ll be left with few of the old favourites to enjoy. While we may shed a tear or two for the loss of our guilty pleasures, we look forward for answers. Fear not, my hangry friends, for there are still replacements to be found… they just might not be exactly what we hoped they’d be.

First, we have the good – an office filled with hummus, carrot sticks and other healthy snacks. Oh yes, the age of healthy snacking has officially arrived. Gone are the days of regretting that fourth bag of crisps or second bag of Haribo; now it’s all about those leafy greens and lean proteins. While we may not find ourselves giddy with anticipation over a celery stick, we can at least take solace in the fact that we’re nourishing our bodies. Snack machines may be gone, but our waistlines will surely thank us for it.

Now onto the bad. Remember those packets of instant noodles? Well, get ready to embrace them once again. These Uni-era wonders will become your breakfast, lunch, and dinner as the lack of snack vending machines forces us to resort to the most convenient, albeit mundane, options. No longer will we have the luxury of grabbing a bag of crisps, a sandwich or a chocolate bar on the go; instead, we’ll be rummaging through our desks for an old pack of instant noodles and trying not to choke on the slimy end product.

Finally, we have the ugly. The definition of ‘ugly’ is whatever you fear eating the most – with snack vending machines now long gone, the possibility of having to eat something you really don’t want, may now be reality.

For some, ugly is the fruit that you buy and put into the fruit bowl, only to remove two weeks later having gone soft and mouldy. For others, the ugly is a poorly put together homemade egg and cress sandwich, carelessly wrapped in cling film and left to knock about in the bottom of your work bag until you’re reminded of its existence by the smell of decay, some days later.

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