Snack Vending Machines and New Year’s Resolutions.

As we step into a new year, health and wellness often take centre stage, with post-Christmas podge sitting uncomfortably on the bodies and minds of people all over the world. New Year’s resolutions are very often related to fitness or weight goals, and this goal doesn’t go on pause when back in the workplace.

In fact it can be very challenging maintaining a healthy lifestyle during work hours, especially when it comes to snacking. Recognising this struggle, businesses are turning to innovative solutions like stocking their offices with snack vending machines filled with a variety of wholesome options.

In this article, we’ll explore how these vending machines can aid businesses in supporting their staff in achieving their New Year health goals, and look at why it might just be the perfect way for employees to avoid the January blues.

The Challenge of Sticking to Resolutions

Each year, millions of individuals in the UK set New Year’s resolutions, and a significant portion of these goals revolve around health and fitness. Unfortunately, statistics show that adhering to these resolutions is often easier said than done. According to a recent study by YouGov, a staggering 63% of people in the UK find it challenging to stick to their New Year resolutions, and a significant portion of those resolutions are related to diet and exercise.

Source: YouGov, “New Year’s Resolutions 2022: Diet & Exercise Top List for Brits,” January 2022.

One of the major hurdles in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, especially at work, is the ubiquitous availability of delicious salty and sugary snacks. Traditional snack vending machines are often filled with sugary, high-calorie options that can derail even the most well-intentioned resolutions, especially when they taste so great.

Recognising this, businesses are now turning to a more health-conscious approach by stocking their vending machines with a diverse range of nutritious snacks. Obviously replacing some snacks in vending machines with low fat, low calorie or generally more nutritious snacks is a great starting point, but it does sadly still rely on your own willpower to select these products – no matter how much you fancy something naughty!

A Range of Healthy Vending Snacks

Modern snack vending machines offer an extensive selection of health-conscious options, catering to various dietary preferences and restrictions. From gluten-free snacks to plant-based treats, businesses can curate a selection that meets the diverse needs of their employees.

Options like mixed nuts, granola bars, and dried fruit provide a satisfying alternative to traditional, less healthy snacks, helping employees stay on track with their health goals. Each of the leading snack and confectionery brands now typically offer lower fat or lower calorie options of favourite products, such as Walkers’ baked range of crisps.

Having a good balance between these healthier options and the traditional products is a great way to accommodate the tastes of your entire workplace whilst ensuring that variety is available for all to enjoy.

Collaborating with a Great Vending Operator

To truly make a difference in promoting workplace wellness, businesses can partner with a reputable vending machine operator. A skilled operator can help tailor the product range to align with specific health initiatives, ensuring that the vending machines remain supportive during critical periods. This collaborative approach allows for adaptability and responsiveness to the evolving needs and preferences of the workforce.

With many workplaces placing ever greater emphasis on the physical and mental wellbeing of staff, having a vending operator who understands the need to have flexible product ranges and promotions across their fleet of snack vending machines, is hugely important.

So, if you’re looking at how to do more with your existing snack machines, or want to look at new vending machines for your business, why not reach out to our team here at Connect and see how we can help revolutionise your food and beverage provisions?

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