Sustainable Agriculture Innovation.

With a growing global population leading to greater consumption and finite world resources coming under more pressure it is clear we are in need of sustainable agriculture innovation if we are to sustain the vast quantity of global consumption. The issue of sustainability with those in the food and beverage services industry’s. How will the industry strive to sustain the current and inevitable growth of food and beverage consumption?

Could hydroponics be the opportunity to solve our sustainability issue?

Hydroponics, is an innovative plant growing method based on the use of mineral rich water from fish waste, bringing fish and plant farming in one closed loop eco system has a number of key benefits, it could be a way of meeting our sustainable agricultural needs.

At Bioaqua Farm at Blackford in Somerset – the largest integrated aquaponics farm in Europe – vegetables are grown and Rainbow Trout reared together in organic closed loop eco system. One benefit is no chemicals or pesticides are used, instead, the help of bees and worms are employed.

The fish provide a majority of the plant nutrition, from fish fertilization. In turn, fish waste metabolites are removed by nitrification process and with plants directly up taking the waste which thus treats the water and flows back to the fish. It is claimed that this circle of reciprocity requires up to 95 per cent less water than traditional horticulture farming, thus being a major benefit to the farming process.

This innovation may be the type of Sustainable food production and agriculture we need for the future. Fortunately, this type of farming is extremely scalable, from back gardens to commercial facilities but can hydroponics be used to develop more complex crops such as coffee?

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