The impact of high quality paper cups on the environment.

It is no secret that the UK has long struggled with the vast issue of paper cup disposal. An estimated 2.5 billion cups are disposed of each year in the UK alone. Racking up huge commercial waste disposal bills and causing a silent environmental catastrophe for landfills across the UK. But what exactly is the issue with paper cups?

It is widely known that many high-quality paper cups today generally contain an inner layer of polyethylene. Polyethylene provides the consumer with the benefit of a cup that is safer because the paper does not become soggy and reduces the risk of the cup collapsing as a result of hot liquids. However, the environmental impact created by paper cups is creating problems in landfills and the pockets of large commercial organizations having to cope with the volume of coffee consumed on a daily basis.

The solution

Thankfully there is a solution to the non-recyclable layer of polyethylene that plights the country side silently. Innovation in the recycling industry lead originally lead by James copper PLC and ACE UK has led to the opportunity to separate the polyethylene from the paper cup.

Enter Simply Cups – a logistic service that works directly with customers to help segregate materials and provide real recycling opportunities. Their business concept was to enable commercial businesses to have a fully auditable trail of their cup disposal journey that fits with the environmental and sustainability ethics of so many reputable businesses today.

Connect Vending is a proud promoter of the use of innovative solutions such as Simply Cups. Logistics services such as this help us reduce the impact of high waste bills from the use of our clients whilst meeting their environmental objectives.

To learn more about the financial and environmental cost of your waste go to http://var/www/vhosts/ they have a number of tools to essay what your waste is really costing you.

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