The Importance of Hot Drinks Machines in Offices.

Having a commercial coffee machine for the office is essential for many UK workplaces. With the majority of office workers relying on coffee, tea and other hot beverages to keep them going during the day, having a hot drinks machine on-site is essential.

Not only does it provide a convenient way for staff to keep alert and stay productive, having great quality coffee and tea on site is a valuable differentiator for employers wanting to attract and retain the best talent.

In this blog post, we'll take a look at why hot drinks machines for the office are so important, and consider the popularity of the UK’s favourite workplace drinks.

Coffee powers the workplace

It’s no secret that coffee is the lifeblood of many workplaces. A study by YouGov tells us that 33% of UK workers consume coffee several times a day, with an additional 23% of workers consuming coffee at least once a day. And it’s no wonder why – coffee has been shown to increase productivity, boost energy levels, and improve employee satisfaction, and with the quality of drinks from high street chains and office hot drinks machines improving year on year, it’s also a delicious treat.

Aside from the physical properties and impact of coffee on concentration and productivity, the communal aspect of coffee drinking is also a vital component of the UK’s workplace culture. Gathering around a hot drinks machine for office gossip and catch-ups is a time-honoured tradition that brings colleagues together and fosters a sense of community in the workplace, and has become the natural successor to watercooler chats.

Of course, coffee isn’t the only hot drink option available to employees. Tea, hot chocolate, and other beverages are also popular choices, but it’s hard to deny the hold that coffee has over British office culture in 2023.

Many companies have invested in larger hot drinks machines for office spaces in order to accommodate the high demand for coffee. These machines come in a range of sizes, from small countertop models to large freestanding units, and can often be leased or purchased outright, depending on the financial circumstances of the organisation.

If you’re looking to boost productivity, improve employee morale, and foster a sense of community in your office, investing in a quality hot drinks machine that makes a fantastic cup of coffee is an absolute must.

Multiple hot beverage options in one machine

Whilst coffee is the current champion of workplace hot drinks, with the right hot drinks machine for the office, an organisation can offer a range of alternative drinks to those who don’t enjoy coffee, helping everyone feel included. A hot drinks machine provides options like hot chocolate, tea, and even soup, alongside the coffee range.

In the UK, the level of consumption of other hot drinks in offices is significant. According to a study by Allegra World Coffee Portal, 59% of office workers consume tea, 12% drink hot chocolate, and 11% enjoy other hot drinks. While coffee may still be the go-to choice for many employees, these statistics highlight the importance of providing a range of options for hot drinks in the workplace.

Incorporating hot drinks vending machines can be an easy and cost-effective way to increase the availability of different hot drink options in the office. These machines can be strategically placed in common areas or break rooms to encourage employees to take a break and recharge with a hot drink. Plus, they can be stocked with a variety of options to cater to every taste.

A perfect addition to water and cold drink solutions

Hot drinks machines are great for the caffeine hunters of the office, but even the most committed coffee drinkers sometimes need a bit of variety, especially in the warmer Spring and Summer months. A hot drink machine in the office means employees have the option to enjoy a hot cup of tea or hot chocolate on a chilly day, as an alternative to a cup of crisp, filtered cold water or a refreshing fizzy drink on a hot day.

Many companies are aware that providing basic beverages like water and coffee is a good practice for a positive and welcoming office environment, and with the majority of workers consuming coffee on a daily basis, it’s a big consideration for businesses to make. It’s therefore important for companies to consider investing in an office coffee machine alongside their existing cold drink and water options.

It’s also important on the other hand to ensure that your hot drinks machine doesn’t stand alone in your kitchen or workspace, as coffee is known to act as a diuretic – though coffee helps boost productivity, being dehydrated has quite the opposite effect! Whether it’s a tap, or floor standing water cooler, coffee and water is a match made in heaven.

A hot drinks machine for every shape and size of business

One of the great things about hot drinks machines is their flexibility. No matter the size of your business or the setting of your workplace, there is a hot drinks machine that can accommodate your needs. From small, compact machines perfect for the kitchen worktop of a smaller office, to larger machines that can cater to a higher volume of vends at all hours of the day, there’s something to suit every business.

Hot drinks machines also come with many different drinks selections, depending on the type of machine you opt for – naturally the larger, more expensive machines will come with a greater array of drink selections, and the smaller machines will be slightly more limited, though you’ll typically get at least 8 options on even the smallest machines.

This means that for the coffee drinkers in your office, you’ll be able to offer drinks from a single Espresso to a Latte and a Mocha, and sometimes with flavoured syrups and other additional finishes. If the machine is big enough, you may even get a fresh milk, or dual fresh milk machine for luxurious velvety milk finishes.


Offering a high-quality coffee experience in the office is not only an effective way to power up employees, but also an excellent staff benefit that won’t break the bank. Compared with other expensive perks, such as gym memberships or office lunches, providing a top-of-the-line hot drinks machine is a low-cost benefit that can significantly improve staff morale and can more than deliver a return on investment by way of increased productivity.

In fact, according to a survey by the US’ National Automatic Merchandising Association (NAMA), 37% of employees stated that access to high-quality coffee in the workplace was a key benefit, outranking traditional perks such as free food or gym memberships. Investing in a hot drinks machine is a smart way to make your team feel valued and appreciated, without having to spend large amounts of money on traditional employee perks, and you can be certain that a great cup of coffee will be well received.

Not only is an office coffee machine an excellent staff benefit, but it can also have significant cost savings for employees. By having a coffee machine in the office, employees are less likely to leave the premises for their caffeine fix, which saves both time and money. At an average cup cost of more than £3.00, heading out at lunch to grab a coffee multiple times a week can hit employee pockets hard, and your team are sure to be appreciative of the money savings an office hot drinks machine can deliver.

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