The UK’s Top Office Vending Machine Drinks and Snacks.

Let’s be honest with ourselves, it’s extremely hard to say no to a chocolate bar, bag of crisps or a fizzy drink when you’re having a particularly long or tiring day in the office. There’s no shame in admitting that we, in the UK, love a grab and go snack!

We’ve run the numbers from the past six months of purchases across our vending and micro market sites, and can now reveal our top 3 bottled drinks, canned drinks, snacks and crisps. We can’t promise you won’t feel hungry or thirsty after reading this one…

Top 3 Bottled Drinks

1. Coca Cola – Original

If you thought the world of vending machine drinks had changed with the arrival of low fat, low calorie and low sugar options, you were wrong. Coca Cola has been ruling the vending machine world for some time, and with sales almost double the next bestselling bottled drink product, it’s safe to say that old habits die hard.

2. Pepsi Max

Where are you Pepsi Original? Our second bestselling drink was Pepsi Max, so maybe there is something to be said about the rise of PepsiCo’s own diet offering being close to the real thing? We wouldn’t be worried right now, Coca Cola, but keep an eye on it – Pepsi are coming.

3. Lucozade Sport Orange

If you ask anybody born in the 90s if they have ever heard of Lucozade Sport Orange, they’ll likely laugh at you. Not only have they heard of it, but this drink was a staple of school packed lunches throughout the 90s and 00s and most of us that are old enough to have been there, can probably draw what the bottle looks like from memory. To hold a spot in the top three alongside the behemoths that are Coca Cola and Pepsi, is genuinely impressive

Top 3 Canned Drinks

1. Red Bull

It may not actually give you wings, but the guys over at Red Bull are seeing their products fly off the shelves of workplaces around the country. Like with Lucozade Sport Orange, we’re impressed that this ‘relative’ newcomer is leading the way in the canned soft drinks space, against the big boys. But then, do we all just need a bit more energy in the workday and opt for the nuclear option from the office vending machine?

2. Coca Cola Original

A very close second place for the world’s most popular soft drink. And we mean close – we can’t say exactly what the difference in sales is, but trust us, the margin is extremely fine. This could be a fight to watch as we head into the second half of 2023, especially if the hot weather makes for a change in worker tastes.

3. Coke Zero

This is the first time we’ve seen Coca Cola’s zero sugar soft drink feature in the top 3 of our bottled or canned drink sales charts, which is surprising. What isn’t surprising is that Coke Zero is rising in popularity in vending machines, and with Coca Cola’s enormous brand power, we can see this being a fixture in our top 3 lists in the long run. And let’s be real, not everyone likes Diet Coke, so it’s nice to have an alternative.

Top 3 Office Snacks

1. Kinder Bueno

The top spot for most popular office vending machine snacks goes to Kinder Bueno. It may not be one of Britain’s powerhouse confectionery brands, but the products from Nestle have a significant presence across Europe and the wider world. A lighter snack than many other chocolates on offer, this cream filled wafer is delicious and easy to eat. We can see why so many people buy these on a daily basis.

2. Snickers

You’re not you when you’re hungry. With worldwide sales of more than $3bn a year and advertising campaigns that are hard to forget, Snickers is a strong second place in our confectionery top sellers chart. Once a Marathon, Snickers is an old favourite that refuses to go away.

3. Kinder Bueno White

Is this cheating? Either way, Nestle have played a blinder with the white chocolate version of their Kinder Bueno line. A simple, but extremely effective way of almost doubling your sales. I don’t think we’re giving too much away when we say that this one is a firm favourite in our office, moreso than the original. We do like to break with convention…

Top 3 Crisps

1. McCoy’s Flame Grilled Steak

There’s normal crisps, and then there’s McCoy’s. These crisps require some serious chewing, but the reward is a satisfying crunch that you struggle to get with your standard crisp. They’re thick cut, covered in flavour and they’re our all out best selling crisp product line. The UK is in love with these crisps, and it shows.

2. Mini Cheddars

Similar to McCoy’s, the Mini Cheddar is a very solid crisp, with quality ingredients and texture that makes them truly delicious. They may well be a Christmas favourite, but in the UK’s workplace vending machines, Mini Cheddars are an all-year crisp of choice for workers.

3. McCoy’s Thai Sweet Chicken

Despite being some way behind the Flame Grilled Steak variant, McCoy’s is occupying two of the top 3 spots on our crisps list, because the texture and crunch alone can carry a crisp to glory. Newer to the market than its counterpart, this flavour is doing exceptionally to have such prominence in a crowded market.

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