Top 3 office hacks to productivity at work.

Productivity and the work place are synonymous with each other. There is an entire plethora of research regarding how to foster a culture of positivity, happiness and well being, all in the pursuit of productivity. Here are some of the less considered office hacks to a happier more productive working day.

#1 Hydration – It is widely known that staff with easy access to water work far more productively than those who do not. Many companies cite the fact that the best form of hydration, due to hygiene standards. A further benefit is that plumbed in purified systems are not overly expensive to operate and maintain. Managers will do well to consider this when planning office layouts.

#2 Breakout zones – Not every business is blessed with space, however, having an area created for more informal chats, lunch or even a 5-minute coffee break make staff far more happy in the work place. This style of space also allows for greater cohesion between departments at key points during the day thus enabling greater productivity as information can flow more freely in a more meaningful way, coffee machines are often cited as the place where the light bulb moment occurred.

#3 Music – Creating an atmosphere that people enjoy is crucial to a productive work place. Having some source of varied music on taking in into consideration everyone’s tastes can be a great way to democratically involve the staff in creating an environment they enjoy being a part of, the benefits of this process can’t be underestimated in the contribution to fostering a community by which everyone wants to positively participate thus creating quick happiness and productivity wins.

#4 Access to a range of hot drinks – Last but not least having access to teas and a coffee machine. Most hot drinks will have caffeine which is known for its performance boosting properties. Hot drinks also form a part of the way we culturally behave, having a productive face to face meetings over a coffee, tea or other hot beverage is part of an almost intrinsic part of the way we communicate.