Top 5 Benefits of Cold Drink Machines.

Having cold drinks machines in the workplace can be a great asset to any business. Cold drinks vending machines provide employees and visitors with a convenient way to access cold beverages, without having to leave the building in search of a nearby shop.

The benefits of having a cold drinks machine in the workplace are numerous and can range from providing employees with an easy way to stay hydrated, to improving customer service and creating a more pleasant workplace environment. In this blog post, we’ll be looking at the top 5 benefits of having cold drinks machines in the workplace.

1. Great Convenience for Employees

Cold drinks vending machines in the workplace offer a multitude of conveniences for employees. They are most effectively deployed in workplaces with no immediate access to cold drinks, either in the building or the local area, and provide an easy grab-and-go for staff needing a refreshing refrigerated drink.

Imagine a busy workday, deadlines looming, and the need for a pick-me-up. Instead of having to leave the office in search of liquids, employees just need to find the bright lights of the drinks vending machine. The beverages will be nice and cold, and in an employee’s hands in a matter of seconds.

This level of convenience not only saves time but also ensures that employees have access to hydration whenever they need it. Being able to grab a cold drink without leaving the workplace means employees can stay refreshed and energised throughout the day, boosting their overall productivity and keeping their minds focused on the task at hand.

Offering cold drink vending machines in the office also has indirect benefits, especially on storage availability within the office. In most offices, the kitchen fridge is undersized for the number of staff, and often leads to cramming of lunches in a way that makes them almost impossible to use. By offering cold drinks in a separate unit in the office, this removes the need for employees to bring their own drinks and chill them in the communal fridge, which will be well received by those wanting to use the space for their lunch!

The convenience of having cold drinks vending machines in the workplace is undeniable. It saves time, promotes hydration, and enhances the overall workplace experience for employees. With these machines readily available, employees can focus on their tasks without the added stress of searching for cold drinks.

2. They Help Staff to Stay Hydrated

It’s one of the most well documented ways to stay at the top of your game – keeping well hydrated. It’s essential for our overall health and well-being, and having cold drinks machines in the workplace can play a significant role in promoting hydration among employees.

With the hectic pace of work, it’s easy for employees to forget to drink enough water throughout the day. However, when there’s a cold drinks vending machine readily available, it serves as a constant reminder to stay hydrated. Employees can grab a cold drink whenever they need to quench their thirst, which is especially helpful in areas of the business premises where running drinking water may not be accessible – particularly the case in manufacturing and warehousing settings.

Furthermore, having a variety of cold beverages easily accessible gives employees the opportunity to choose healthier options. Cold drinks machines often offer a range of bottled water, flavoured water, sports drinks, and low-calorie options. This not only helps employees meet their daily hydration needs but can also foster healthier lifestyles.

Proper hydration has numerous benefits for employees. It improves concentration, cognitive function, and overall performance. When employees are properly hydrated, they are more alert, focused, and able to tackle their tasks efficiently. It also helps prevent fatigue, headaches, and dizziness, which can often be caused by dehydration.

3. Reduced Employee Stress

In today’s fast-paced work environment, stress can easily creep into our daily lives. From tight deadlines to demanding tasks, employees can often find themselves overwhelmed and anxious. Cold drinks machines can help provide a short, sharp break for staff when they’re at their most stressed, getting them away from their desks for a breather and a cool refreshment to focus the mind.

Arguably the biggest stress related benefit of cold drinks machines is down to the convenience they offer. Less time spent outside of the workplace finding a shop for lunch and snacks, means more time given back to employees to decompress during breaks. Instead of rushing to find a store or queuing to be served, employees can simply walk over to the vending machine and have access to a wide variety of cold drinks within seconds.

Furthermore, having a cold drinks machine in the workplace can foster a sense of camaraderie and encourage social interaction. Employees can gather around the machine, share a laugh, and engage in casual conversations. This creates a supportive and friendly work environment, reducing stress and promoting positive relationships among colleagues. Watercooler conversations are now vending machine chats!

Overall, the presence of cold drinks machines in the workplace can significantly reduce employee stress levels, by providing a convenient and enjoyable way to take a break, these machines contribute to a healthier work-life balance and promote employee well-being. So, next time you feel overwhelmed, remember that a refreshing cold drink is just a few steps away!

4. Increased Productivity

Increased productivity is a key goal for any business, and having cold drinks machines in the workplace can make a valuable contribution to this. How? Let’s take a look.

When employees have easy access to cold drinks, it helps to keep them refreshed and energised throughout the day. When we’re dehydrated, our cognitive function and focus suffer, leading to decreased productivity. By providing a variety of cold beverages at arm’s reach, employers can ensure that their employees stay hydrated and keeping brains functioning at their best, to deliver great work throughout the day.

Moreover, taking short breaks to grab a cold drink can actually improve productivity. Studies have shown that taking regular breaks throughout the day can help to prevent burnout and improve concentration. So, when employees have the opportunity to step away from their desks for a few moments to grab a refreshing beverage, it gives their brains a chance to recharge and refocus. It’s a win-win situation!

So, if you want to see a boost in productivity in your workplace, consider investing in cold drinks machines. It’s a simple yet effective way to keep your employees happy, hydrated, and ready to tackle any task that comes their way.

5. Cost Effective for Employees and the Employer

When it comes to the benefits of having cold drinks machines in the workplace, one advantage that often gets overlooked is the cost savings for employers. Yes, you read that right – having these machines can actually save your business money in the long run.

First and foremost, having a cold drinks machine means no more manual stocking of a fridge or common area with a range of drinks, nor does it mean you need to have a storage area dedicated to stock that you have in inventory. By offering drinks to staff with a subsidy, you can keep the costs to the consumer at a minimum (or zero), whilst removing the need for someone to spend time from their day job managing stock and refilling fridges. Let the vending operator manage the machine and save time and money!

In addition, having a vending machine reduces the need for employees to go out and purchase their own beverages, which can save them money on fuel, and can often mean that drinks are available cheaper than they would be at convenience stores – it’s a double win! And let’s be honest, if you’re saving money, you’re making yourself happier at the same time!

If you’re looking at ways to keep staff happy and satisfied throughout the work day, look no further than a cold drinks vending machine. At Connect, we’ve been installing and operating drinks machines for more than 25 years and know them inside out – so reach out to our team on 01865 341011 or send us an enquiry. We’d love to hear from you!