Top 5 Christmas Gifts for Coffee Lovers.

The UK is fast becoming a nation of coffee drinkers, and with the recent release of 2022’s festive drinks range from our favourite high street coffee brands, we thought it was time to get into the spirit and share our pick of Christmas gifts for coffee lovers.

5. Welsh Coffee Gift Set – The Welsh Luxury Hamper Company

Welsh Coffee Gift

We love this gift for bringing lesser-known Welsh coffee products to the masses. The gift set contains items from Penderyn Coffee and Tor Bay Coffee and has a balance of coffee beans and other products including coffee cake and coffee liqueur.

We’re all for promoting smaller coffee brands and exploring different tastes from UK roasteries, which is why this makes our Top 5.

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4. Tall, Dark and Handsome Coffee Beans – Change Please

Change Please Tall Dark and Handsome

Not only does Change Please coffee taste fantastic, there’s also a hundred stories of inspiration and human kindness that the company’s charitable foundation have helped create since inception.

This dark speciality coffee blend combines beans from South American’s coffee growing havens of Brazil and Peru. Farmed and produced by Fazenda Cachoeirinha & Coop Aprocassi, this coffee product brings together innovation and sustainability to deliver a rich flavour with a sweet, caramel essence.

When you buy Change Please coffee, you’re donating some of your money to the Change Please Foundation, who are investing in the homeless communities across London and other cities across the UK, by training them as baristas to improve their work prospects, and supporting them with healthcare, financial and legal support and much more.

This gift gives double, and we are certain that your coffee loving friends or family will be delighted to receive this.

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3. Pipamoka Nomadic Coffee Brewer - Wacaco

It took us a while to understand exactly what the Wacaco Pipamoka actually was, and how it worked, but once we’d wrapped our heads around it we were blown away with the simplicity, innovation and versatility of this product.

There are times where coffee lovers are far away from their beloved coffee machines, coffee beans and collection of home coffee making equipment, and seemingly there was no way to bring that out of the house and on trips without serious amounts of storage space.

Not quite… Wacaco have developed an all-in-one coffee maker which utilises vacuum pressure to deliver a freshly brewed coffee within a single cup, and because of its thermal properties it’ll keep your freshly brewed coffee hot for hours.

Whoever came up with the innovative design for this product, we salute your efforts.

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2. Brew Cork Reusable Cup - KeepCup

Brew Cork - 12oz

This reusable coffee cup ticks so many boxes. The glass body design and heat resistant cork grip made us seriously reconsider coffee cups we’ve used in the past. Coffee connoisseurs will appreciate the fact that this is a glass cup, showing the beautiful layering of milk based coffee brews, whilst being practical enough to take on public transport or in the car.

KeepCup also take sustainability to a level that few other reusable cup manufacturers do – this isn’t just a single piece of durable coffee equipment, it’s modular. If your cork grip has worn down or chipped, or your lid has cracked from a harsh impact with the floor, you can buy replacement parts to save you chucking out an otherwise perfectly good coffee cup. Brilliant design.

In case that wasn’t enough, you can also take comfort from the fact that KeepCup are a registered B Corp, with 1% of their total sales revenue going to environmental protection projects.

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1. Coffee Scratch List –

100 Coffee Scratch Bucket List Poster, 3 of 3

You’ll never meet a coffee lover who doesn’t have an absolute passion for trying new coffee blends. Whether they’re a relative newcomer to the coffee scene or they’ve tried everything from the cheapest own brand blend to Jamaican Blue Mountain and every drink from a Flat White to a Ka Phe Treung, they’re destined to explore.

Our number one pick for coffee lover Christmas gifts is the perfect way to show how far and wide they’ve been in search for their perfect blend. With 100 different coffees from across the globe, this scratch-reveal poster gives even the most well-travelled coffee drinker some fresh ideas to work with, and they’ll be proud to display their journey on the kitchen wall.

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