Vendies Award winning finalist!.

Connect Vending is hugely proud to be a Vendies Award winning finalist. It was around 18 months ago that we took a long hard look at our business and set about transforming it ready for the next decade.

We looked at the entire business – our philosophy, our approach to customer service, the trends in cups, the trends in ingredients, recycling cups, our visual identity, our approach to social media marketing, our web site, our vending operating system, pod systems, the efficiency of our operation – nothing was untouched. And nothing was left unchanged.

But why would we do all this? After all we are a really successful business. We have a great reputation in the industry. We are profitable and cash generative and we have a brilliant team of talented people working in our business.

Well, it is precisely because we are successful that we must continue to change. Our customers are changing, our competitors are changing, our market is changing, society is changing, technology is changing…… just about everything changes all the time. If we do not embrace these changes we will not allow our business to evolve. And to evolve we must cleverly adapt to the changing environment we operate in if we are to remain strong and competitive in our field.

The presentation we sent to the judges explained in detail some of the key components of our review. We explained how we ensured that our senior management team fully understood our strategy so they can cascade this throughout the business. How we dissected every process in our business then trained and developed every member of staff in a dramatic new customer service philosophy that we call Moments of Truth. How we invested in Customer Service personnel dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction. We described the background to our decision to become UK agents for a brand new capsule based coffee system. We explained the background to our major investment in our new website and our overall visual image (why not take a peek We explained about our own label product range and the major benefits we can offer as a result and then there are the Industry Firsts…