What are the best coffee machines for the office?.

When it comes to choosing the best commercial coffee machines for an office, there are a few important considerations. These include ease of use, ease of cleaning, reliability, and of course the taste of the coffee. There are a wide variety of coffee machines available on the market that all have their own benefits and drawbacks.

No business is the same, nor are their requirements for food and drink on-site – because of this the ‘best coffee machine’ will be dependent on each business’ individual situation.

In this blog post, we will be exploring the different factors that make a great office coffee machine to help you decide which one is right for your office.

Factors to consider when selecting a coffee machine for the workplace

When it comes to selecting the perfect coffee machine for your workplace, there are several key factors to consider. From the type of machine to the maintenance requirements, each factor plays an important role in ensuring that your coffee machine can deliver the perfect cup of coffee every time.

  1. Capacity: One of the most important considerations when choosing an office coffee machine is its capacity. A floor standing coffee machine may be ideal for larger offices with high traffic, while a smaller office with staff on a hybrid working model may opt for a tank fed, instant table top option.
  2. Features: There are a plethora of office coffee machine options between manufacturers, from the simplest instant coffee machines through to dual fresh milk, dual coffee bean machines with variable brewers. Finding the right balance of features to fit with the needs of your employees is a crucial part of finding the best coffee machines for your office.
  3. Quality: It’s a common misconception that ‘coffee is coffee’, and that all coffee machines are broadly equal when it comes to the taste of drinks. For example, the brewers inside coffee machines vary between manufacturers, and is key to determining the quality of coffee. Some brewer units offer greater configuration of gram throw (the amount of coffee dispensed to have water passed through), and other features that will brew higher quality espresso.
  4. Maintenance requirements: Every coffee machine requires maintenance, with some requiring significantly more and some requiring a minimal amount. Understanding the amount of cleaning, servicing and complexity of the machine is of high importance when deciding what machine to buy. Vending operators will offer support to businesses if they specifically want a machine with low maintenance requirements.
  5. Cost: It’s obvious that cost is an important factor for any business procuring coffee machines. With a clear understanding of the business’ requirements, setting a budget for the project is the next big piece to tick off. This will mean that any proposals a business receives will be realistic for the budget.

Types of commercial coffee machines available on the market

When it comes to selecting the perfect coffee machine for your office, there are several different options to consider. Leading brands such as Coffetek, laRhea, Franke, Rex Royal, and La Cimbali all offer different types of coffee machines for different purposes. For instance, Coffetek, Franke and la Rhea provide an extensive range of automatic and semi-automatic machines, while Rex Royal and Cimbali offer both automatic machines and barista style coffee machines for settings like hotels, restaurants and cafes.

To be able to make an informed decision on which type of machine is best for an office, the buyer needs to first understand the difference between a fully manual and fully automatic coffee machine. A fully manual machine requires the user to operate the entire process, including grinding the beans, tamping, and frothing milk, whereas a fully automatic machine completes the process with just the touch of a button.

The benefits of a manual machine include a more personalised cup of coffee and complete control over the process, but they can be more time-consuming and require skilled staff. Fully automatic machines are much quicker and easier to operate, making them ideal for businesses with high demand, but may lack some of the more bespoke elements of manual drink making.

For office environments, the fully automatic machines are the way to go – they require no human resources to operate and can produce high volume, great quality drinks far quicker than with a manual barista approach.

Popular brands and models of coffee machines for office use

When it comes to commercial coffee machines for offices, there are a few brands and models that stand out above the rest. The choice ultimately depends on the specific needs and preferences of your workplace!

  1. Coffetek: If you’re looking for a simple user interface and a great cup of coffee, but aren’t sure what size of machine you need, Coffetek have a great range to look through. From their smallest S1 and X1 machines to the large floor standing Neo Q, there’s options to explore, and because of their design philosophy, the on-screen menus and machine behaviours are consistent between all their models.
  2. laRhea: The Variplus range of office coffee machines offer great quality bean to cup coffee in a sleek design, and are great options for workplaces looking for table top machines at a sensible price. They also come with LED lighting that help draw the eye of consumers towards the coffee stations.
  3. Franke: If you’re looking for high quality Swiss manufacturing, look no further than Franke. Their machines are exceptionally high quality and are built for long term consistency and reliability. With an extensive range of fresh milk machines, they’re an option to consider at the premium end of the market.
  4. La Cimbali: Another top pick for espresso enthusiasts, the Cimbali range of machines are borne of decades of barista machine engineering experience and are great for bringing a premium fresh milk offering to the office.
  5. Rex Royal: Rex Royal machines are heavy hitters – they’re sturdily built, heavy wearing and have a modern, sleek aesthetic. They’re great for modern offices who want a machine that will vend great drinks and look fantastic on a table top.

Maintenance and servicing considerations for workplace coffee machines

When it comes to coffee vending machines for the office, it’s essential to ensure that they are properly maintained and serviced regularly. There are two different options available for businesses to consider when it comes to maintaining their coffee machines – a DIY setup or a fully managed service.

A DIY setup involves the business managing the stock and refilling the coffee machines themselves. This option is typically best suited to companies that have the resources and staff available to handle this task without the assistance of a vending company. However, for smaller businesses that don’t have the resources to manage this on their own, a fully managed service may be the better option.

A fully managed service involves a vending company taking care of all aspects of the coffee machine’s operations and maintenance, including restocking and regular maintenance. This option provides businesses with peace of mind, knowing that their coffee machines will always be fully stocked and well-maintained. It also takes the burden off employees who may not have the time or expertise to handle these tasks themselves.

When deciding which option to choose, it’s essential to consider different factors such as the size of the business, the number of employees, and the resources available to manage stock and fill the machines. A business with a high volume of employees and a significant demand for coffee may find a fully managed service more beneficial, while a smaller company may be able to handle the maintenance and restocking on their own.

In summary, there are several factors to measure the best office coffee machine by, and these factors will have differing levels of impact depending on the specific company. Working with companies like Connect Vending means you don’t need to worry about covering all the bases or have a complete knowledge of the coffee machine industry – we do the heavy lifting for you.

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