Why You Should Buy a Vending Machine from an Independent Operator.

Are you in the market for a vending machine? If so, it's important to consider all of your options before making a purchase. While it might seem like a good idea to buy from a big, multi-national corporation, an independent vending operator may be a better option. An independent operator can offer personalised service, and more flexibility on pricing and solution than larger competitors.

In this blog post, we'll look at why you should consider buying a vending machine from an independent operator.

They're often more flexible

When you buy vending machines from an independent operator, you get improved flexibility. These small businesses are able to make changes to their solutions, pricing, and processes more quickly and easily than larger companies.

This means they can provide you with customised solutions that fit your individual needs and budget. With an independent operator, you don’t have to worry about the bureaucracy of a large multinational corporation, and you can get the exact vending machine you need for your specific application.

Moreover, independent operators are better equipped to respond to unexpected issues that arise, thanks to a simpler internal structure and less processes to pass through. They can quickly adjust to changing market conditions or rapidly evolving issues, giving you reassurance and comfort that you’ll always be looked after.

They provide excellent customer service

When it comes to vending machine suppliers, customers can benefit greatly from working with a smaller, independent operator. Not only are they more flexible when it comes to meeting customer needs, but they also provide better customer service. This is due to the fact that these independent operators are typically more likely to have closer relationships with their customers and understand their needs on a deeper level.

This makes a difference to businesses in the UK; according to the Institute of Customer Service, 73% of customers feel that personal customer service makes a big difference to how they view a company. This is why an independent vending machine supplier can make a huge difference in terms of the quality of service offered to customers. They take time to understand the customer’s individual needs and strive to create an experience tailored specifically to them.

In larger organisations, there are often ‘pooled’ resources for account management, meaning that you are far less likely to have a dedicated account manager who you can reach out to with any issues, queries or feedback. Independent operators typically have smaller account management teams with a set of clients they’re responsible for, with clients knowing who their main point of contact is and knowing that they’ll hear back much more quickly than they would if they worked with a larger supplier.

They truly value your custom

When you buy vending machines from an independent operator, you’re not just making a purchase, you’re making an investment. Independent operators value your custom, and will do everything they can to retain you as a customer. They understand that when you purchase a vending machine from them, it is a sign of loyalty and trust in their products and services.

For that reason, independent operators put extra effort into ensuring their customers are happy with their vending machines. They know how important it is to maintain strong relationships with their customers and they make sure they are providing the highest quality service. This includes taking the time to answer questions, understanding customer needs, and offering comprehensive support.

Additionally, independent operators are often more willing to work with customers to provide customised solutions, such as special promotions or specialized offerings. They may even be open to negotiating prices and terms. This flexibility makes them an attractive choice for customers looking for a personalised experience.

You know who you're dealing with

When you buy a vending machine from an independent operator, you always have access to a named account manager who is there to help you. This is not something you will get from the larger, multinational suppliers.

Having a dedicated team available for your queries means that you will not be passed from department to department and you won’t have to explain your situation multiple times. Furthermore, a smaller team will know your site and customer history better than a larger customer service team, meaning that they can provide more tailored advice and support.

This is particularly important when resolving any machine faults or issues, with smaller companies providing greater continuity between your calls and emails, as the same one or two people will likely be dealing with you on each occasion. Having the human touch from your vending machine supplier makes a world of difference.

Moving to an independent vending operator

Making the switch to an independent vending operator is simple – if you’re at the end of the contract and have decided to terminate your agreement, you can reach out to our team to discuss your future requirements.

Our team will discuss your challenges with you and your team, and identify a solution that works best for you. If you have machines that you own and want to retain, or you have specific management and maintenance requirements, we’ll work with you to ensure these are built in to our proposal.

Give our friendly team a call on 01865 341011 or contact us to get the ball rolling. We’d love to hear from you.