Why Your SME Needs to Introduce Fresh Food.

In today's fast-paced world, where convenience often takes precedence over quality, the importance of fresh food in businesses is frequently overlooked. Whether you’re in a busy manufacturing setting, running a warehouse or looking after the facilities in an office setting, incorporating fresh food into your operations can offer numerous benefits.

Having access to fresh sandwiches, fruits, yoghurts, breakfasts and much more from a fresh food vending machine, micro market or smart fridge, is now becoming the norm. With it comes a variety of benefits that you might just have overlooked.

In this article, we will delve into the reasons why your business needs fresh food and how it can positively impact your business.

Healthier and More Satisfied Employees

It goes without saying that fresh food is often healthier and tastier, particularly when the food has been produced with as few additives and preservatives as possible. The obvious benefit of the more nutritious options that come from a fresh food offering, is that your employees feel physically better without the grogginess and energy dips that come from refined sugars and ultra processed foods.

Fresh fruits, vegetables, and proteins are packed with essential nutrients, offering a more nourishing and satisfying experience with every bite. Gone are the days of fresh food vending machines being stocked to the brim with low quality, long shelf-life products, as businesses have long since realised the huge benefits of offering great quality fresh food in the office. With better products and increased demand, the need for longer shelf-life products dwindles as food is flying off the shelf.

In today’s world, the foods you can expect to have delivered to your workplace are much more akin to those stocked in the lunchtime grab-and-go section of a supermarket, something that your staff can appreciate the value in and get greater joy out of eating than their ambient counterparts. And ultimately, your team will be healthier, more focused and happier having enjoyed the great fresh produce that a fresh food setup offers.

Competitive Edge

You may be surprised to learn that having a fantastic range of fresh food available within your business can set you apart from other local businesses who you are competing with for the best talent. In the last 12 months, we’ve seen many SMEs look at how to recruit and retain the best talent in their area, and fresh food is one such way to appeal to jobseekers, as well as keeping existing staff from leaving.

This can be particularly effective with micro market installations where the business is willing to make a significant investment in staff recruitment and retention, as food and beverage costs can be subsidised by the business or can be made available completely free of charge to employees.

In a working world dominated by ‘soft’ perks such as early finishes on Fridays, occasional home working and group gym membership, having something that genuinely makes a difference in the wallet is a perk that is hard to ignore.

Keeping Staff On-Site and Engaged

Everybody in the business world understands the importance of keeping their customers engaged, both in-person in stores or through digital channels such as social media and websites. Keeping the attention of a customer means less chance of them jumping ship to a competitor or losing interest in products being sold.

It shouldn’t be any different for employees within the business – keeping staff on-site, engaged and actively involved in the business at every point throughout the day helps develop workplace culture and gives business leaders more opportunity to foster a positive, productive environment.

Given that the main reason staff will leave site during a workday is to buy food and drink, having solutions on-site that can cater for their requirements means less time spent away from site, and giving continuity of engagement throughout the day.

Flexibility and Variety

Fresh food machines or micro markets are perfect for avoiding the well documented issue of menu fatigue – every food establishment suffers from menu fatigue to some extent, in that consumers will eventually tire of the same old products on offer and need something new to keep them engaged.

With fresh food, there are a range of seasonal options available that can be brought into rotation when appropriate, and replaced with a new set of seasonal product lines, several times a year. This is also the case for the major holidays and religious events of the year, notably Easter and Christmas, where limited run product lines perform well. After all, we’ve all enjoyed a festive toastie or cranberry sandwich in December!

There are also a huge range of fresh food products available through the standard menu, with options for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and for every different specific dietary requirement. The flexibility that this gives you is always appreciated by employees who feel valued and respected when fresh food machines are implemented.

In conclusion, fresh food is not just a trend; it’s a fundamental element that can benefit every business. Whether you’re in a busy manufacturing facility or have a corporate office, prioritising fresh ingredients can lead to healthier, happier staff, and can be a genuine difference-maker when it comes to recruiting and retaining staff. By making fresh food a cornerstone of your food and beverage strategy, you can position yourself for long-term success and create a loyal employee base that love spending time in the workplace.

To see how fresh food can make the difference in your workplace, why not reach out to our team of vending experts. We’re here to help you through the different stages of the process when buying fresh food machines or micro markets, and would love to hear from you.

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