Deli Cafe.

Refresh your workspace and refuel your workforce with our Deli Cafe self serve cafeteria in your break-out area.


With DELICAFÉ, you can create a more refreshing break-out environment that helps to maintain better performance and productivity.

Easy to use, self-service — it can be enjoyed 24/7 if shift-work is the norm

Grab, pay and go to suit working patterns and habits

Or linger to share time with colleagues

Varied stock rotation that’s fully managed by Connect Vending

Deli Cafe, brought to you by Connect Vending is a grab and go vending machine offering convenience-based breakfast, lunches and dinners. It’s a micro-market vending machine where staff can catch up over a coffee and a bite to eat together. Somewhere they can enjoy a sense of community and boost levels of well-being and productivity.

Five star service from Connect Vending

Choose a Deli Cafe micro market vending machine solution, and our dedicated retailing merchandiser is at your service

There's nothing to worry about with our Deli Cafe grab and go vending solution, as we manage everything including cleaning, restocking and product analysis
Hygiene and safety checks
We'll keep your Deli Cafe, self-service cafeteria in tip-top condition, with regular cleaning and safety checks, so your staff will always be satisfied
Professional merchandising for visual appeal
Our expert team of Retail Merchandisers will keep your Deli Cafe self service cafeteria looking great, with lots of stock and eye-catching promotions
Ongoing retail management
Using our smart back-office tools, we'll keep on top of poor performing products and ensure the best selection of products for your business are showcased in your grab and go vending solution.


We’ve been providing inspiring food and beverage solutions for over 25 years in a wide variety of industries and businesses. We understand that choice and diversity is vital for staff satisfaction and enjoyment. With a Deli Café self service cafeteria, our carefully sourced, popular food and beverages can refuel all kinds of hard-working appetites, any time of day.

  • Our industry-leading knowledge ensures the perfect mix of capacity and space utilisation
  • Bespoke designs to fit your specific requirements in keeping with company branding
  • Expert installation gets you up and running on time and on budget
  • Fresh food, from sushi to snack pots, sandwiches to salad
  • Barista-style coffees for the perfect cappuccino kick, more mellow latte, or classic Americano
  • A superb range of teas and herbal infusions

Mouth-watering Products

Micro Market FAQs

What sort of food and drink items can be stocked in a micro market?

Micro markets are a super flexible option, offering a huge variety of fresh and packaged food and drinks. Micro markets can house fresh food like salads and sandwiches in refrigerators as well as offering hot drinks, cold drinks, confectionery and other ambient snacks. Micro markets can also provide a healthier selection including fresh fruit and special vegan and gluten free options.

How do you maintain hygiene levels when there are many customer touchpoints?

Micro markets are self-checkout, meaning that only the end-consumer comes into contact with the products and payment terminal. Connect Vending offers a fully managed operating service to ensure your micro market is always fully stocked and machines are clean and fully operational. Connect Vending also offers a range of contactless payment, minimising the amount of touchpoints, and contactless checkout using state of the art app-based technology.

Are micro markets more susceptible to theft?

Micro markets are unstaffed, which can often give business owners the wrong impression that products are at an increased risk of theft. However, we find that the levels of theft from micro markets are extremely low and find that end-users find the self-checkout process familiar.

It is possible to install security camera systems, should you be particularly concerned about the risk of theft. Our micro markets are managed using market-leading back office tools, meaning we can alert you of any discrepancies in inventory that may be as a result of theft.

Are micro markets only suitable for larger workspaces?

Micro markets are typically installed in medium or large spaces so you’re able to offer your employees a much wider variety of food and drink. However, if you have a smaller or oddly shaped space, Connect Vending can still provide you with a micro market solution as we can design something bespoke to suit you.

Our consultative sales process means that if we feel at any point that a micro market is not appropriate for your workspace, we will suggest an alternative solution that fits you best.