Hot Water Boilers.

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We have a wide range of hot water boilers, with varying capacity in both wall mounted or table top format.

Not all organisations have the space or requirement for a dedicated hot drinks machine or coffee machine, or are in a setting where boiling water needs to be readily available. This is particularly the case for HoReCa settings, in kitchen and canteen spaces.


A hot water boiler is a great solution when hot water is needed regularly, avoiding the need to have a kettle constantly topped up with water, running through boil cycles all day. With leading brand hot water boilers, water is boiled and retained within the unit, and dispensed hot when required, with the heating element being activated when temperatures drop below a certain threshold. 

Not only will a hot water boiler save time compared with a boiling kettle, but will also reduce electricity costs by keeping hot water at the right temperature and ready to go.


Our water boilers are not only great for dispensing high volumes of hot water, but it also won’t cost you the world to run them, thanks to Lincat’s innovative predictive eco setting. Your boiler learns your usage patterns and uses this to adjust water volume preparation to maximise efficiency.