2023’s Best Office Water Dispensers.

As we wave goodbye to a year of political turmoil, a global cost of living crisis and some rather extreme UK weather, it’s time for Facilities Managers and Office Managers to turn to the task at hand – building and maintaining incredible workspaces that make it easier to retain and recruit great people.

We’ve talked at length about the benefits to business of keeping staff healthy and hydrated, but picking out the best office water dispenser from the hundreds of different solutions across hundreds of different websites, can be a real challenge.

In this article we’re looking for the pinnacle of office water solutions, the crème de la crème of quality water options that you should be considering for 2023.

Borg and Overstrom B6

You cannot look at high quality water solutions without taking a peek at some of the incredible products in Borg and Overstrom’s range. When it comes to office water coolers, they’re arguably the best supplier on the market. Whether you’re looking for a neat table top water dispenser, or a floorstanding unit, B&O can help.

Their team take product development seriously, and their constantly improving range of office water dispensers comes from decades of user experience and feedback from offices around the world.

With the recently released B6, Borg and Overstrom are bringing even more innovation to their machines, with the introduction of an Eco Mode and the increased chilled and sparkling dispense capacity of 50 litres per hour.

Not only have they packed more punch into the B6, they’ve also managed to compactly fit the interior workings into a smaller footprint than previous models, making it easier and less obtrusive for clients. The dispensers come in aesthetically pleasing silver or black trim, and as standard includes a blue LED lit water dispense area, making it great for high-end work environments.

This also helps the company meet their sustainability pledges, as each machine utilises substantially less raw materials during the production process. That means less ecologically damaging mining and processing, whilst improving the machine quality at the same time.

Borg and Overstrom T2

Table top and floorstanding water coolers are not always suitable for office spaces, but fear not, as the team at Borg and Overstrom have a range of high quality taps for spaces where these are more appropriate.

With the T2, you’ll be getting a market leading tap solution with sleek design and great functionality. This tap system utilises the latest ProCore technology, which is the beating heart of this solution, providing chilled, sparkling or ambient water from it’s undercounter unit.

One of the most impressive innovations on the T2 is the backlit, capacitive touch interface for selecting and dispensing water. With it’s simple and intuitive touch panel, consumers will have no issues selecting the water of their choice with ease and speed. Thanks to some clever design, this panel sits no higher than the base plate for the tap, helping it seamlessly integrate into worktops.

Not only is the tap great to look at and easy to use, but it’s also designed with 310mm of dispensing headroom so that staff can fill their bottles using the same tap. This also makes it a great option for high-end offices with regular client or board meetings who need to rapidly fill jugs of crystal-clear chilled water for their guests to enjoy.

Marco MT8 Water Boiler

Not every office wants chilled or sparkling water for their team, either because the workplace is a manufacturing facility or an industrial setting, and for this sort of setting we think the Marco MT8 is a great shout for 2023. Hot drinks will always be an important part of the workplace, and in this great standalone water boiler unit, you’re getting a lot for your investment.

As with the other water dispensers we’ve talked about, the MT8 has it’s own great energy saving features, including an insulated water tank for reduced heat loss, and an LED temperature screen for crisp graphics and minimal energy consumption.

This office water boiler comes with a whopping 8 litres of capacity to keep even the most demanding employees fuelled up with hot water for tea, coffee and hot chocolates, no matter what time of the day. With the MT8 comes the option for an in-built filter, which we think is a great option to keep the water crisp and clean, and stave off pesky limescale buildups.

Again, the theme of minimising machine footprint has continued with the MT8 – the machine is a slim format and can fit into tight spaces to maximise the use of space in busy kitchens, canteens or office breakout areas. The integrated drip tray can also be removed and emptied with ease.

We rate the MT8 for it’s practicality, high capacity and energy efficiency credentials.

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