Fresh Milk Vending Machines.

Since making its way to local high streets, fresh milk vending machines have created quite the stir. Let’s run through this latest craze in vending and how your business can benefit from it too.

What Is A Milk Vending Machine?

Milk vending machines are vending machines for milk which serve milk and creamy, freshly blended milkshakes to customers. An invention implemented by dairy farms all over the country.

Milk Vending with Our Coffee Machines

While we don’t deal with cows directly, we do however have the next best thing – the Franke A600. The A600 is no ordinary coffee machine, it brews an endless combination of barista-style coffee and fresh milk drinks. All made possible through the latest innovations in coffee vending.

Latest Professional Technology

The Franke A600 is a 100% Swiss, intelligent coffee machine that also doubles up as a milk vending machine. We’ve redefined convenience through a user friendly design and programming to offer an endless array of possibilities. The A600 is capable of vending both hot and cold milk in a range of flavors to create frothy milk drinks, creamy strawberry milk and much more using a flavour station of up to 3 different syrups.

Easy Operation

The ergonomic design of the A600 makes refilling a breeze with an easily accessible bean hopper that comes straight out and a patented brewing unit that is removable from the front.

Its interactive, 8” inch touch screen display delivers the same great benefits to your customers with pictures and symbols to guide even the most indecisive of customers towards their perfect drink. Drinks tailor and adapt at any time.

The Finest Milk Foam

The variety of coffee you can create using the machine is also endless, all thanks to The FoamMaster technology. Create everything from a classic espresso to the perfect latte macchiato with the finest quality milk foam.

Our coffee machine even reduces milk waste and can cut the calorie contents to make even the most indulgent coffees guilt-free.

Automatic Cleaning

Aside from the flexibility and versatility, the machine’s ease of use and latest technology helps to make your drink vending process an efficient one. Its automatic cleaning feature ensures maximum cleanliness by regularly flushing the equipment automatically. In addition the clean master technology ensures the correct cleaning dosages are used at the end of each day’s cleaning cycle. This allows your customers and visitors to have a fresh brew with reduced management.. Something we can all appreciate amidst a global pandemic. We pride ourselves on our great service offering and can take care of everything from filling up your coffee machine to carrying out hygiene audits and collecting cash.

Long-term Added Value

The A600 has been tried and tested in every possible self-service scenario and takes all the innovations of the professional A series so that even the smallest of businesses can deliver coffee-shop standard coffee. It really is the safe, long term investment your business needs.

The Franke A600 comes in a range of formats. To find the best fit for your business, get in touch today.