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How Hospitals Can Promote Healthy Eating With Vending.

Hospitals are extremely busy places, with staff operating on patients day in, day out, and visitors popping in to spend time with their loved ones. While many hospitals have on-site cafes, it can still be difficult in such busy facilities to get access to a decent snack, lunch or refreshing drink.

Hospital vending machines help increase accessibility and availability of snacks, making it easier and quicker to get access to a wide range of options without having to queue at the cafe for 20 minutes.

It’s more important than ever before that people live healthier lifestyles and hospitals have a major role to play in this. Having healthy vending machines that supply a range of fresh salads, healthy wraps and tasty sandwiches for visitors and staff helps uphold the feeling of good health in your healthcare environment.

This article explores how your hospital can promote healthy eating through the installation of a hospital vending machine.

Makes it easier for visitors to eat healthily

Vending machines can help promote healthier options for visitors who are visiting at any time of the day, whether that’s after work or later in the evening. As hospital cafes have set opening and closing times during the week, it can make it difficult to grab a drink or snack.

Hospital vending machines can play an important role in helping promote healthier snacks, drinks and meal options for visitors. Rather than stock the machine with crisps, chocolate bars and soft drinks, you can replace them with fruit pots and bottles of water. By doing this, it means that visitors can have a healthy snack or drink without leaving the hospital premises.

If you’re interested in learning more about how vending can promote healthier lifestyles, we have a piece that focuses on if vending can be healthy.

Provides a range of healthy food and drink options

People want choice, which is why with a healthy vending machine, it provides a wide range of snacks, drinks and fresh food for people to choose from. If you have vending infrastructure in place at your hospital, staff, patients and visitors will be encouraged to make healthier vending purchases.

Having a healthy vending machine makes it easier for staff and visitors to make health-conscious decisions about what they buy from the machine. Vending machines can supply more than just snacks and drinks, with fruit pots and sandwiches also available. The variety of options supplied from a vending machine makes it a great alternative to the on-site hospital cafe.

Ensure staff have the fuel they need to perform at their best

People working in the healthcare sector rarely have the luxury of an hour-long lunch or dinner break. Hospital staff, in particular, can go for hours without taking a single break. Having multiple vending machines on-site in a hospital can ensure that they are able to grab a healthy snack, meal or drink to keep them energised during a long shift.

Doctors and nurses at the hospital need to make sure they are able to perform their jobs at the top of their game. One mistake with an operation can have serious consequences to a patient’s life, and we all know how important hydration is to staying focused.

How Connect Vending can install a vending machine in your hospital

These are a few ways that your hospital can promote healthy eating with vending machines. By having one or multiple healthy vending machines in your hospital, it allows people to make healthier choices when it comes to buying snacks, drinks and food.

With our fully managed vending service, we’ll take the stress out of maintaining and restocking your hospital’s vending machines. We can tailor our service to suit any location, whether that’s offices to leisure centres and much more.

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