How To Select the Best Water Dispenser For Your Office.

Dispensers, coolers and other water machines play a vital role in boosting employee productivity, efficiency and satisfaction while at work. So much so that they've become an almost essential item for every office environment.

Their list of benefits is huge considering they’re relatively inexpensive and come with minimal maintenance costs. Their benefits are not just limited to the productivity of employees either, they also offer a social hub for people to congregate around for a quick break, not to mention the physical benefits of keeping hydrated throughout the day.

You can read one of our recent entries for more information on why you need a water cooler in the office now.

Once you’ve decided that a water dispenser is for you then you’ll need to work out exactly which type of cooler will best suit your office. There’s a lot of choices out there so in this guide we’ll be helping you to narrow them down and find the best office water dispenser for you. 

Water Cooler Capacity

The first thing you need to decide on is capacity. Bear in mind that the number of people working in your office and how often you have guests in the building. the last thing you want to do is underestimate the need and have to be constantly replenishing stock or wishing you’d opted for a plumbed in model.

For this reason, we always recommend going for a plumbed in water cooler like the ones in our Borg & Overstrom range.

Reservoir vs Direct Chill

The next thing to consider is whether you should go for a reservoir or direct chill model. This will be particularly important in the warmer months as the turnover of chilled water increases. The difference between the two is:


A model that comes with a reservoir stores chilled water inside an insulated tank read for dispensing. This means that the temperature of the water depends on how full the tank is – if more people are drinking at peak times then there will be less chilled water available as the reservoir needs to be replenished.

Direct Chill

The is the better option for busier workspaces. Instead of relying on a tank to provide the chilled water, the mains pipe is cooled directly. This allows a greater flow of chilled water and helps to keep up with demand on warmer days.

Direct chill models are also more hygienic than when using a reservoir. If the building is quieter for a period, such as during school holidays, stagnant water should b flushed out before drinking.

Office Space

The space available within your office is another major factor that will inform your decision. Water coolers come in all different shapes and sizes with many models available as both free-standing and desktop variants.

Before finalising your decision and ordering your water dispenser you should measure up your potential spaces so that you know exactly which options will work. If space is tight, we recommend choosing a countertop or slimline model.

Office Environment

As we mentioned, water cooling stations come in all different shapes and sizes these days. Finding a format that fits the design and flow of your workspace is key to getting the most from it. Through our preferred manufacturers, including B&O, Vivreau, Zip and Instanta, there is a vast range of tap, coolers and other dispensers to fit environments from high-end office spaces through to small serviced office units.

Top vs Bottom Loading

If you decide against using a plumbed solution then you’ll need to decide on whether a top or bottom loading unit will work best for you. If, for example, the person responsible for replenishing the water bottle struggles with heavy lifting then a bottom loading dispenser may be a more appropriate choice.

Water Dispensers From Connect Vending

If you’re in the market for a brand new water cooler or dispenser for your office space then get in touch with Connect Vending’s expert engineers. We have a wide variety of vending solutions to suit the needs of all spaces from leading brands such as Borg & Overstrom, Vivreau, Zip and Instanta.

Contact the team today to discuss your options – we look forward to hearing from you!