Why You Need a Watercooler in Your Workplace.

No matter whether you’re looking for a refreshing glass of water, an early morning caffeine injection or a lunch that will keep you going, refreshment throughout the day is crucial for a productive workplace.

In offices that feel the heat in summer, the availability of chilled water at work is even more important. Keeping the body hydrated helps boost efficiency, improves morale and provides a welcome opportunity to take a quick break from the working day.

As employers, there is increasing pressure to promote healthy lifestyles, particularly within the workplace. As well as physical programs such as the popular cycle to work scheme, ensuring everyone in the office has access to fresh water is a great way to promote healthy living.

Along with the important health benefits of water coolers, there are several other advantages that make installing one worthwhile.

Increased Productivity

Several studies have shown that when it comes to getting the most from employees, ensuring they can quickly and easily feed and hydrate themselves is vital. According to the University of Connecticut, a dehydration level of even 1% can lead to increased fatigue and decreased concentration levels.

If increasing productivity is the name of the game for your business, you may also want to think about installing a hot drinks machine.  Like with the research into dehydration and depleted concentration, caffeine has been linked with improved reasoning, attention, memory and perception (particularly first thing in the morning!).


One of the most important areas in which businesses can improve is their sustainability. Reducing carbon footprints, limiting wastage and helping the environment are now key to brand image and business continuity.

Unfortunately, plastic is still a major problem we face as a planet. However, by implementing mains connected watercoolers we can help reduce the number of single-use plastics in offices. This means access to fresh, purified water without the environmental impact of purchasing bottles.

Improving Office Atmospheres

Office water coolers have long been a staple of many larger office spaces. They provide a meeting point for coworkers to liaise and chat briefly before returning to their stations, allowing some respite during busy working days.

The chance to get up and make small talk with a friend or colleague may seem almost insignificant but this is often where positive working relationships are formed and reinforced. As well as nurturing professional relationships, they have the chance to boost overall employee wellbeing, keep happiness levels up and improve job satisfaction.

In larger office scenarios, this opportunity to interact with colleagues can be severely limited when not on break. In the post-COVID era where we are all reassessing the importance of relationships and human interaction, the five minutes spent filling your water bottle and having a chat can be the difference between happy and disgruntled employees.

Watercoolers From Connect Vending

If you think your office could benefit from one of the industry’s latest watercoolers then get in touch with our expert engineers. We have a variety of water cooling options available to suit all office styles and sizes, from leading brands Borg & Overstrom, Vivreau, Zip and Instanta.