Is the Office Kettle Obsolete?.

In an office environment, access to hot water is essential for making tea, coffee, and other hot beverages. Traditionally, office workers have relied on kettles to provide hot water throughout the day. However, in recent years, commercial hot water taps such from leading brands like Aqua Libra and Borg and Overstrom have become increasingly popular alternatives.

In this article, we will compare the benefits of commercial water taps with standard office kitchen kettles and propose why a commercial water tap might be the better option for your growing business.

Speed and Efficiency

One of the main benefits of a commercial water tap is the speed and efficiency it provides. A hot water tap can dispense hot water instantly, while a kettle can take several minutes to boil, and requires refilling every five or six cups. This means that employees can make their hot beverages much more quickly, which saves time and increases productivity. It also gives them those precious extra minutes during breaks to sit back and enjoy a quiet cuppa before getting back to work.

Moreover, commercial hot water taps are designed to be energy-efficient. They use less energy to heat water than a standard kettle, which makes them a more environmentally friendly option. With inflation and other external factors affecting the energy market, this improved energy efficiency can help make a significant impact on the electricity consumption and bills for your business.



Another benefit of commercial water taps is that they are more hygienic than standard kettles. Kettles can often experience a build-up of limescale, which can be difficult to remove and can affect the taste of the water. In contrast, hot water taps are designed to prevent limescale buildup and ensure that the water is always fresh and clean.

This is achieved in several ways – the first is that commercial water taps come with highly effective filtration systems which help remove any impurities and heavy minerals before the water is dispensed. Not only does this reduce the limescale build up in the tap itself, but it also means the dispensed water is finely filtered and tastes crisp and refreshing.

Secondly, it’s strongly advised that when purchasing a water tap that you opt for the supplier to manage the maintenance of the system. They will undertake any preventative maintenance required and will be able to thoroughly clean the tap to aid in the removal of grime and limescale.

Additionally, using a commercial hot water tap minimises the physical touchpoints for consumers, which can reduce the risk of cross-contamination and the spread of germs. This is particularly important in a busy office environment where employees may be more susceptible to illness. With commercial taps, water can be dispensed with a couple of short presses of a touch interface, which is often coated with an anti-microbial coating.



A hot water tap provides convenience for employees, who can make hot beverages with the touch of a button. It also eliminates the need to refill and wait for a kettle to boil, which can be time-consuming and frustrating. This convenience means that employees are more likely to make hot drinks throughout the day, which can boost morale and improve job satisfaction.

The major convenience benefit to these taps, however, comes from their flexibility as water dispensers. Not only are they great for delivering boiling water for tea and other hot drinks, but they can be specified to deliver chilled water and even sparkling water from the same unit. This is ideal for smaller offices where there’s not necessarily space, or demand, for standalone chilled water coolers alongside alongside a hot water solution.

Moreover, commercial hot water taps can be installed in various locations, such as break rooms, meeting rooms, and in any location where there’s a suitable worktop counter and under-counter storage space for the water boiler and filtration systems.

Commercial hot water taps also take up less space than a kettle does, with sleek and ergonomic designs allowing them to be put into areas that otherwise might be wasted space, but that allow convenient access for your workforce.


In summary

While standard kitchen kettles have served UK workforces proudly for many years, commercial hot water taps offer numerous benefits that make them the better option for growing businesses. From increased speed and efficiency to improved hygiene and convenience, a hot water tap can provide a more efficient and pleasant experience for employees.

Additionally, commercial hot water taps are an environmentally friendly and cost-effective option for businesses, which is becoming increasingly important in today’s world. If you are considering upgrading your office kitchen, a commercial hot water tap is definitely worth considering.

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