The benefits of a MicroMarket.

MicroMarkets are set to challenge traditional commercial catering solutions. Staff canteens currently operate in saturated markets with tight margins and already struggle to provide a solution that meets all the needs of the client, from efficient space management and opening times to freedom of choice and providing a environment that is perceived positively by staff. So what are the benefits of a MicroMarket?

Firstly what is a MicroMarket?

Put simply a MicroMarket is an unattended self-service cafe that uses enabling remote technology to provide point of sale solutions that deliver value to typically closed businesses environments.

As businesses begin to operate flexy hours or compete in global markets the status quo around a typical 9 to 5 work day isn’t a guarantee. People are leading increasingly busy lives and technology can allow businesses to utilize more efficient work practices, for example the use of hot desking and remote working is seen as normal in many organisations. Undoubtedly this unpredictability in numbers on site has implications to those in the food and beverage industries. Further to this peoples eating habits are changing. It is widely known that millennials for example don’t stick to typical eating routine times. Instead Millennials typically ‘graze’ on snacks and small meals all day. These changes in demographic behavior have to be considered if company’s offerings are to remain competitive and commercially viable to all parties.

Thankfully some of the same technology enabling work practices businesses are benefiting from are also impacting other areas and delivering innovation and benefits that can meet the changing work environments we work in.

So what are the benefits?

Space and time! E-mc2?

No this isn’t a lesson in theoretical physics, space and time are two of the major over looked and underrated benefits business are likely to see from the use of MicroMarkets in place of a traditional commercial catering solution.

One major benefit of a MicroMarket is the opportunity to recreate and re design an area to be a multi functional break out area and be used as a meeting area, in fact the space can be used for whatever or however you want it to be. Traditionally a canteen service takes up vast amounts of space which can easily be translated in to unproductive cost. This is space that can be utilised for business activities that actually help you do what you do best!

Time. A MicroMarket allows a business to offer a wide range of suitable products, lunch, breakfast and Dinner 24/7, fortunately technology never sleeps this builds in a huge amount of flexibility to a business’s operation. The best plans are the plans with flexibility built in. MicroMarkets provide this. Traditional catering or staff canteens do not! Find out more about the USPs of a MicroMarket here.

You can’t mention MicroMarkets without considering the operational impact. It is no secret that a traditional canteen will need anywhere from 3 to 5 and upward staff to operate the facility. With that ensue a whole host of unnecessary and inefficient costs. Its these costs that increase the level of subsidy’s businesses provide just to ensure the entire operation is profitable for both parties. MicroMarkets utilise technology to create labour efficiency’s that deliver greater value whilst helping to increase the productivity of the clients work force, by having inbuilt flexibility.

Contrary to popular belief MicroMarket allows a business to offer a competitive range of products that do in fact compete with traditional catering solutions businesses can utilise Microwaves to supply a range of hot food as well as going premium by offering sushi, salads and fruit options as well as typical lunch sandwiches you would associate with the likes of high street coffee shops. If it couldn’t get any better due to the way the labour is structured it is also possible to provide fresh milk coffee options.

This type of service and quality was elusive to automatic ‘vending’ solutions in the past due to the cleaning and hygiene management of this type of equipment. All of this can be provided at competitive prices that don’t command the level of subsidy a traditional operation would typically incur. Which can help many businesses focus on spending money on areas that help them achieve their commercial objectives more directly.

Hopefully this article has demonstrated some of the benefits of a MicroMarket to businesses can expect to start reaping the benefits of in the near future. Companies will be able to gain the competitive edge utilising their time and space efficiently as well as more direct savings by embracing new ways of working and new ways of thinking about how we embrace the benefits of new technology in the future. For more information MicroMarkets and our Deli Café solution contact us.