The Rise of Fresh Milk Vending Machines.

Vending machines and office coffee machines are all about grabbing a coffee or snack on the go and over the years have built up a bit of a bad rep for supplying unhealthy treats like crisps or chocolate. Today, however, that is far from the case with changing attitudes towards food going hand-in-hand with the development of innovative new vending solutions that can store and process fresh foods efficiently.

These advances in vending technology mean that keeping produce such as milk fresh is now both a sustainable and practical option. Where office coffee machines were once limited to powdered dairy options, fresh milk can now be used easily to create authentic frothy cappuccinos, creamy lattes or the perfect hot chocolate.

There is even now the option for you to buy your weekly milk from a vending machine in some areas. This came about as a direct result of dairy farmers getting together in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and has proved to be popular in the months since.

Although we don’t get our milk directly from the cows, we do have plenty of fresh milk coffee machines available within our extensive range of hot drinks machines.

Fresh Milk Coffee Vending Machines

One of the major benefits of investing in a machine that includes a fresh milk reservoir is the taste and quality of the coffee (or hot chocolate) produced. Gone are the days of having to put up with substandard coffee in the office, and our range of hot drinks machines are right at the forefront of the revolution.

Fresh milk machines are a great solution for anyone looking for high-quality coffee but who need a compact tabletop unit. We’re talking barista-quality espresso-base coffee at the touch of a button, perfect for those velvety smooth Lattes.

These solutions are ideal for high-end office environments and for organisations looking to put staff food and drink provisions at the heart of their culture. Your employees will love both the taste and texture of fresh milk coffee from our range of machines.

Cleaning Fresh Milk Vending Machines

The only downside to hot drinks machines that include fresh milk reservoirs is that they require more regular cleaning than traditional models. The tank itself as well as the tubing within the unit need to be cleaned regularly to avoid the buildup and spread of bacteria.

While this can cause an issue, fully managed vending services from Connect Vending are the perfect way to mitigate them. When selecting this option, you’ll benefit from a hassle-free package tailored to you and our business needs.

Suitable for any of our vending machines but particularly ones that feature fresh milk options, managed services include:

  • Stock rotation and replenishing
  • Professional clean
  • Hygiene audits
  • Cash collection (if required)
  • Data collection
  • Quality control
  • General maintenance

If your business or public space would benefit from quality hot drinks that use fresh milk or other fresh ingredients, then contact our team today.