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Top 4 Interactive Vending Machine Campaigns

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Some of the greatest brands in the world are now cutting through commercial clutter by creating innovative, engaging, interactive digital campaigns / activations that are enhancing customers experiences, all with what we call, ‘social’ vending machines. PlayStation, Walkers, Pepsi, Coca Cola, Oreo, Amstel Larger are to name but a few who have put more than a smile on customers faces. Check out these adventurous, fun and admirable vending campaigns. P.S: you’ll be shocked with number 4!

4. PlayStation: The Electric Shock Machine

PlayStation have created an installation that challenges people to insert their fingers into a machine that shock them, as a stunt to promote the new ‘inFAMOUS: Second Son’ game. People step right up, insert their fingers into the holes in the machine, before it charges up and starts increasing the shock over 5 long seconds… If you make it all the way, you win the new game!

3. City of Cape Town: The Change Project

This campaign shows how small change impacts homelessness. The campaign’s powerful video, posted to YouTube, shows how easily people choose to stay on the streets for longer than intended, when money randomly drops out of the vending machine on the corner of a Cape Town street.

2. OREO : Twitter Powered Vending Machine

Love Oreo’s? Us too, and by the looks of it, everyone at SXSW did, where anyone could rock up to Oreo’s Raspberry Pi-powered “Trending Vending” machine, see what was popular and then have the Twitter Powered Vending machine translate that topic into a custom made Oreo just for you. This video goes a little deeper into the tech than usual, so enjoy!

1. Coca Cola: Happiness Machine

Coca-Cola’s worldwide Happiness campaign made a stop at one of the busiest shopping malls in Istanbul this past Valentine’s Day. The special coke vending machine featured secret cameras and was remotely operated and designed especially for couples. However, to get it to work people would have to choose they were a couple by sneaking a kiss or hugging. The experience was created by Istanbul agency C-Section. (source: Randy Matheson)

Which was your favourite vending campaign? While billboards and commercials are still playing a part in branding, interactive marketing campaigns that invite consumer participation are more memorable and tend to spread more quickly.

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