Why You Need A Healthy Vending Machine In Your Office.

In recent years, there’s been a major focus from businesses on employee health and wellbeing. Workers want food and drink that’s not only convenient but also keeps their energy levels consistent throughout the working day.

Healthy vending machines have become an attractive option for businesses looking to provide healthy snacks, drinks and fresh food for office workers. Our healthy vending solutions cater to your workforce’s various dietary needs, from gluten-free to vegan and vegetarian. 

In our latest blog, we will explore how choosing vending machines with healthy snacks can positively impact your office.

Provide healthy food and drink options on-site for workers

Having a healthy vending machine in your office removes the need for workers to buy a bag of crisps or can of cola from a local newsagent. Workers will be empowered to buy the snacks and drinks needed from the machine to refuel themselves.

There are many benefits that come with providing healthy food and drinks through an on site healthy vending machine. It means that your workforce won’t have the stress of making food from home or running down to the nearest store to buy a salad or sandwich. Workers are also less likely to be late coming back to the office after the lunch break.

Improved productivity for your workforce

Not having access to healthy snacks and drinks can have a major impact on your workforce’s concentration levels. Providing healthier alternatives from a machine can help improve your business’ productivity while removing the need to go to a local shop or cafe.  

The convenience of a healthy vending machine means that workers can refuel on nutritious snacks throughout the working day. Your workforce is able to concentrate on getting work done while not having to worry about needing to refill snacks and drinks in your canteen.

No staff needed to run a vending machine

The benefit of having a healthy vending machine in your office is that they are cheaper than having an on-site cafe. Unlike a cafe which needs to be run by staff, a vending machine doesn’t have that issue. 

Our Deli Cafe micro-market solution is built with wellbeing in mind, creating an environment where you can interact with your fellow workers over breakfast, lunch or dinner. With our Micro Market offering, you don’t have to worry about canteen hours or staff shortages as it can be suited for various working patterns and habits.

Increased worker satisfaction

If your workforce is happy and healthy, then they are motivated to work and deliver results for the business. Investing in a healthy vending machine shows that you are considering your team’s wellbeing, thus motivating them to do well in their jobs. Workers will feel valued and proud to work for you, creating a positive atmosphere in the office.

A healthy workforce is likely to take fewer sick days and have fewer medical problems than an unhealthy workforce. By making it accessible to access healthy food and drink in the office, workers can improve their health and wellbeing through vending.


Promoting health-conscious lifestyles is crucial to a healthy and happy workforce. Having a healthy vending machine in the office can play a pivotal role in ensuring that workers can live healthier lifestyles that can enable them to achieve their professional goals.

At Connect Vending, we have a wide range of healthy vending options that can be tailored to your business’ needs. If you have any questions or queries, contact our team today and we can help find the right solution for your workplace.