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2022’s Best Office Coffee Machines.

Having the right coffee machine can be a great addition to your office as it saves employees from going to the nearest coffee shop and spending big on low quality coffee. 

At Connect Vending, we have a variety of coffee machines on offer that can produce excellent coffee at the touch of the button without having to fork out for expensive takeaways on your morning commute.

In 2022, Connect Vending has a range of office coffee machines that can be catered not just to suit small offices, but also large offices, public spaces, warehouses and logistics settings too. 

We’ve put together a list of our favourite coffee machines for 2022 so that your employees and guests can enjoy any type of coffee they want, from velvety lattes to frothy cappuccinos and everything in between.

Coffetek Neo+

If you want a machine that combines the experience of a coffee shop with the convenience of instant, then the Coffetek Neo+ may be the right coffee machine for your office. 

The interactive touchscreen is designed for the Neo+ user and makes selecting your hot drink of choice simple and straightforward. Its intuitive design helps guide users through the process of selecting their hot drink and provides plenty of options, without being too overwhelming. One of Neo+’s strengths is that anyone can use them.

The Neo+ is one of our top choices for larger spaces in 2022. At over 1.8 metres high it has the capacity needed to provide for higher numbers of people in fast-paced or busy work environments.

Coffetek Vitro X1

For offices that are short on space, the Coffetek Vitro X1 is a great choice. Its compact table-top design means it’s a coffee machine that can fit into any small office without taking up too much space. 

At just 42 kilograms, the Coffetek Vitro X1 is one of the lightest coffee and espresso machines available, making it easy to move around for cleaning and maintenance. 

The machine itself is easy to use while also giving employees the best possible coffee experience, whether that’s hot chocolate or coffee from freshly ground beans. The X1 is capable of producing coffee from bean to cup and provides one of the best compact options in 2022.

Crane ICON

The Crane ICON provides its signature stylish ICON design as well as a coffee machine that has been engineered with the latest state-of-the-art technology. The modern design and functionalities help deliver perfect hot drinks that keep office workers coming back for more.

While the Crane ICON is geared towards providing coffee for larger offices, it is also capable of delivering fresh brew tea and other hot drinks, helping quench the thirst of workforces with a diverse taste in beverages

At 193 kilograms, the Crane ICON is 53 kilograms heavier than the Coffetek Neo+ (140 kilograms). However, the Crane ICON is a robust and durable solution that will stand the test of time, delivering great quality hot drinks over and over.

laRhea Variplus Grande 2 Premium

If you want to bring the experience of Milan’s coffee bars into your workspace, then the laRhea Variplus Grande 2 Premium is the machine to bring Italian-style coffee to your office.

The Grande 2 Premium comes with laRhea’s award-winning variplus technology where it can provide various types of hot drinks with one touch. This gives employees, guests and customers the opportunity to choose their favourite Italian-inspired drink from inside the office.

When it comes to features, the Variplus Grande Premium 2 comes with 2x bean hoppers and 2x soluble canisters, allowing the user to hold two varieties of coffee beans at any time as well as holding other options like instant, decaf and chocolate powder.

High quality coffee machines with Connect Vending

At Connect Vending, we understand how important it is to have a coffee machine that delivers high-quality coffee every time you have one. The benefits of these become apparent very quickly, from improved staff morale to impressing your visitors. One thing to be mindful of is how much coffee you drink – it can be easy to overdo!

No matter how big or small your space is, we have the best coffee machines for you to put in your office.

You can get in touch with the Connect Vending team today to find out and discuss the coffee machines we have on offer.