Food Trends: Our Most Popular Vending Machine Snacks.

If you are reading this blog, then you will probably be indulging in your favourite vending machine snack.

Everyone has their own reasons for why they gravitate towards having snacks from a snack machine. Whether it’s treating ourselves to our favourite brand of confectionery or crisps, keeping our energy levels up at work or snacks forming part of your meal structure, it plays a pivotal part in most of our daily lives.

In this blog article, we will cover the most popular vending machine snacks over the past six months from across our vending solutions. From our Micro Markets to traditional snack vending machines, we will find out which vending machine snacks are top of the charts, and you might be surprised by some of them…

Chocolate Bars

When you think of popular chocolate bar brands, the first ones that come to mind are probably KitKat, Mars, Galaxy and Dairy Milk. 

Chocolate bars are a staple snack for many people when it comes to confectionery as they are the first thing that you see in any office vending machine alongside crisps. With food and drink habits shifting among people, the best performing, but unexpected chocolate bar that’s in our Micro Markets is Twirl Orange. Cadbury’s variation of the Twirl is popular among people who have a Micro Market in their office, demonstrating the power of a wider product range in giving staff different choices each and every day.

When it comes to a traditional vending setting, the Kinder Bueno and classic Snickers are in joint-first position for the top chocolate bar, making them a popular snack vending machine choice for high-footfall, quick-vend sites.


When it comes to snack categories that are popular in our vending solutions, crisps are outperforming chocolate and other types of confectionery. Crisps remain a highly popular snack among people who prefer a savoury snack over a sweet snack.

Across our large-format Micro Markets, the most popular crisps were the McCoys Thai Sweet Chicken Crisps, beating the likes of Walkers and other crisp brands in that category. It shows that crisp vending trends are changing when it comes to buying crisps from not just Micro Markets, but also snack vending machines too.

Not only is McCoys the best-selling in the crisp category, but they also hold second place, showing this beloved crisp brand is popular across all sorts of vending settings.

Fresh Food

While many people enjoy crisps, chocolate and confectionery as their regular snacks, fresh food is an area where preferences vary widely with vending.

For Micro Market sites, individuals will have different preferences when browsing for fresh food snacks. Some sites will lean heavily towards traditional snack options such as sausage rolls and bacon baps while others prefer healthier options, like mango yoghurt and granola. 

As more and more people prioritise their health, it’s important that we keep stock variety and levels up for all your favourite fresh food snacks. Our food and drink delivery service has been designed to help you self-manage your own vending machine so you have plenty of options for consumers to choose from for fresh food.

We understand how important it is to make the vending process for getting snacks to people as seamless as possible, whether you are looking at an unmanned retail setup, using a Deli Cafe Micro Market, or a combination of different vending machines.

Speak to our team today, who can help you find the right snack vending solution that’s right for your workplace.