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How to Improve Sustainability With Vending Machines.

Businesses across all sectors have had to sit up and take note when it comes to improving the footprint they leave on the planet. Along with a wave of new regulations and incentives for businesses to improve their sustainability, a market shift towards a preference for sustainable products means that robust corporate social responsibilities (CSR) policies are now more important than ever. 

Some of the biggest companies in the world are making positive commitments towards a sustainable future. For example, Microsoft has built a reputation as a global leader in CSR – their focus on carbon reduction sees them targeting 2030 as the date for them to go totally carbon neutral.  

Similarly, Ikea regularly updates its Sustainability Strategy with the target of not only reducing the brand’s impact on the environment but also tackling social and economic issues across the world. 

While investing the time and money needed to create and follow through with CSR commitments on this scale is something that is only possible for a few companies, there are plenty of areas smaller companies can target to reduce their impact on the environment. 

If you’re looking for ways to improve sustainability in the workplace, you may automatically think of reducing the amount your team spends on the road or switching to more sustainable suppliers.

But another great area to look at is vending machines. Whether this means installing eco-friendly machines in your office or replacing your existing ones, there are several key ways vending machines can help improve sustainability in the workplace.

Smart Technology

The introduction of smart technology into vending machines has brought a whole host of new sustainable opportunities. Smart fridges, for example, are monitored automatically so that low stock can be replaced and perishables that are coming close to their use-by date can be used, helping to reduce waste. 

This also helps our operators plan their client site visits, with less stock needing to be carried in vans and keeping vehicles off the road altogether when machines do not require fresh stock. All of this helps with the efficiency of the machines, improving both cost-effectiveness and sustainability.

Energy Efficiency

Along with the introduction of smart technology, modern vending machines are more energy-efficient than they used to be. This is incredibly important as most models need to be plugged in and connected to power 24 hours a day. Depending on the size of the machine, vending solutions can use as little electricity as a domestic refrigerator.

Another way that energy efficiency can be maximised is to consolidate your offerings. While many companies like to provide as many options as possible, it’s now possible to provide a similar level of choice with fewer machines. Micro markets, like Deli Cafe, are a great way to provide your staff and customers with a wide range of options without installing lots of machines.

Sustainable Sourcing

Another important thing to consider is where the products your vending machines stock are sourced. We can maximise sustainability by making sure that our machines are not only environmentally friendly but that the products they sell are manufactured ethically and sustainably. 

At Connect Vending, we are proud members of the Rainforest Alliance. The alliance is made up of people and businesses across a range of industries that work together to make sustainable business the norm. This is done by protecting rainforests, improving the livelihoods of farmers, promoting human rights and working to mitigate the climate crisis. 

We’ve worked hard to ensure that our South American Café Bonitas coffee beans meet the rigorous standards needed to get certified.  

Improve Your Business’ Sustainable Credentials with Vending Machines

If you’re thinking about investing in new vending solutions for your office or public space, then why not take this opportunity to improve your sustainability credentials. Not only are smart vending machines the most cost-effective solution available, but they also reduce waste and minimise engineer call outs.

Our range of water coolers also offers an ideal way to reduce the impact of single-use plastics, allowing employees or visitors to keep themselves refreshed using a reusable bottle or recyclable cup. 

Vending is also a sustainable solution for businesses who are operating out of rural premises, reducing car trips by stuff to the nearest shop, helping reduce CO2 emissions on a daily basis.

To find out more about our range of vending machines and how they can help play a role in your sustainability efforts, get in contact with us.