Should You Buy New or Refurbished Vending Machines?.

If you're in the market to buy a vending machine, you may be wondering whether you should go for a brand new model or opt for a refurbished one. There are both pros and cons to each option, so it's important to consider all factors before making your purchase.

In this blog post, we'll compare the advantages and disadvantages of buying either a new or refurbished vending machine, so that you can make the best decision when it comes time to buy.

Initial costs differ, but aren’t necessarily reflective

Thousands of vending machines are purchased in the UK ever year, both brand new and refurbished. But when deciding which type of machine to purchase, cost is often the main differentiator behind whether to buy a new or refurbished vending machine.

While new vending machines are more expensive upfront, they may be more cost-effective in the long run since they often come with longer warranties and cost-limiting energy-saving features. Buying a refurbished vending machine, on the other hand, offer a more budget-friendly option in the short term, but may end up leaving you out of pocket in the medium and long term, as a result of lower levels of reliability and higher machine repair costs.

Though the cost differences between new and refurbished machines may seem substantial, these costs become less of a sticking point when ongoing maintenance costs are accounted for on older machines – and there’s something to be said for the peace of mind of new machines being less likely to malfunction and leave you in a flap.

Energy efficiency is becoming more important

When it comes to buying vending machines, energy efficiency is an important factor to consider. New vending machines have the advantage of being more energy efficient than refurbished models. This translates into reduced ongoing costs from an electricity perspective and can also help businesses meet their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and sustainability goals.

New machines tend to come with modern power-saving features, like automatic shut off when not in use and LED lighting, that make them more energy efficient than older models. Investing in new vending machines can save money over time by helping to reduce electricity bills, and with machines being active for less time during the day, this means less wear on electrical and mechanical components which in turn means less chance of machine breakdowns.

Reliability is key, and lack of reliability can be costly in the long run

When you’re considering whether to buy a new or refurbished vending machine, it’s important to consider the warranties associated with each. Poor reliability of older machines means that refurbished vending machines often come with shorter warranties than new machines, leaving you at greater risk of a machine failure.

On the other hand, new vending machines typically come with longer warranties, often guaranteeing the buyer with parts and service for a fixed period, as well as offering extended warranties, too. This is because the components in new machines are often much newer and better designed, meaning they can be relied on for a much longer period of time.

With refurbished machines, the wear and tear from the previous owner means that warranty periods are often much shorter, leaving you with a potentially unreliable machine that costs a lot to repair – especially if the machine is of an age where parts are no longer manufactured and need to be sourced at great expense.

Technology moves on

When it comes to buying a new or refurbished vending machine, technology is an important factor to consider. Manufacturers’ latest models are outfitted with features such as cashless payment devices, large touchscreens, and in some cases account prepayment or app-based payments that make them much more user-intuitive and attractive. New machines also have the latest sensors and systems, which increase efficiency, reduce vend malfunctions and help reduce maintenance costs.

Refurbished vending machines, however, often lack the modern technology that their newer counterparts possess. They may be older models with less sophisticated systems and controls. As a result, businesses may be sacrificing user convenience, energy efficiency and a wealth of other features. Plus, the lack of warranty coverage for these machines could potentially lead to costly repairs if anything should malfunction.

One benefit to using refurbished machinery though, is that the models are more likely to be a mature platform where replacement components have been improved or completely redesigned to fix any inherent design flaws or weak spots. They’re also likely to have more simple internal machinery which is less complex to understand and fix.

Ultimately, companies need to consider the technology differences between new and refurbished vending machines when making their decision. If convenience and energy efficiency are important factors for their business, then a new vending machine may be the best choice. However, if cost savings is the top priority, then buying a refurbished vending machine can provide an economical option that still offers many of the features of a newer model.

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