5 Best Locations for Contactless Vending Machines.

Contactless vending machines are a great choice for ensuring that customers and employees get their favourite food and drink options quickly. Finding the right vending machine location can be tricky if you’ve never had one in your workplace or leisure facility before.

As cashless payments are becoming a popular payment option in the UK, it stops people from having to find the exact cash needed to pay for a quick snack. Vending machines were one of the only options that workers were able to get food and drink during the COVID-19 pandemic as cafes and deli shops were shut due to lockdowns.

We’ve listed 5 of the best spots for your leisure facility or workplace to put up your contactless vending machine. 


The hospital is a great location to install a contactless vending machine as they offer an option for staff, patients and visitors to have a snack, meal or drink. Hospital staff don’t have the luxury of having a long lunch or dinner break, which makes vending a good option to get a healthy snack or drink.

With our vending machines for hospitals’ service, we can cater to your hospital’s needs so that patients, visitors and staff can have a nutritious meal or hot drink. You should factor in health and wellness when installing a contactless vending solution in various areas of the hospital, whether that’s the waiting room, reception or canteen.

Staff, patients and visitors are able to get a snack, meal or drink at any time of the day at the hospital without worrying about going to the nearest off-site cafe or supermarket.

Leisure Centres

Leisure centres are an ideal location to put your brand new contactless vending machine. Having contactless technology makes it easy to pay for a bottle of Lucozade or a protein bar with contactless payment options including Apple Pay and contactless cards. With most people travelling light when they visit the gym for a workout, this is a sensible way to ensure that people can purchase through your machine if they haven’t bought cash with them.

If you are looking for a vending solution for your business, we can help you find a contactless vending machine that’s right for you. We work with businesses to provide leisure vending machine services, and can help find a contactless vending machine that’s right for your gym, leisure centre or even theme parks!

Our range of healthy vending machines are the ideal solution to keep your visitors and staff healthy and happy with nutritious snacks, drinks and meals.


When it comes to the top location to have a contactless vending machine, it has to be the office. Having an office vending machine that vends meals, snacks and drinks on-site in the workplace allows your employees to eat and drink at work without leaving the office.

We have a wide variety of fresh food, cold drinks and coffee machine vending solutions for your company to choose from. Once you’ve picked your vending solution, we can put your machine in your ideal area of the office, whether that’s the breakout area or canteen. 

By having a contactless vending solution in your office, it’ll provide your employees with a hygienic and fuss-free machine that can be used by everyone in your company. It means that they’ll be less likely to leave the office to visit the nearest high street cafe or shop.


Installing a contactless vending solution in your university allows students to get a quick snack or drink without having to leave the campus. The combination of high foot traffic mixed in with the convenience of having a food and drink solution on-site makes it great for getting snacks and drinks quickly.

Not only do we provide contactless vending machines for universities, but also for staff training rooms and Students’ Unions. There are many benefits of having a vending machine at your university, which includes encouraging healthier eating habits by making it convenient to grab a low calorie, nutritious snack or drink. 

We have a wide variety of contactless vending solutions that can be tailored to your university. By having the machines on-site, it allows staff and students to get food and drink without struggling to find the exact cash to buy a chocolate bar or bottle of water.


Having a contactless vending solution in your hotel provides an alternative for guests to grab a quick drink or snack without going to the on-site hotel restaurant. They’re particularly helpful in hotel corridors, giving guests quick and convenient access to a range of food and drink items, just by nipping out of their room and walking 10 metres to the nearest machine.

The nature of hotels makes it a great location to have a contactless vending machine as it can be difficult for guests to access cold drinks or snacks. By having your contactless vending machines located in the hotel lobby, side entrance or corridors, it means they can buy a bottle of water without travelling to other sub-buildings or outside during bad weather.

How Connect Vending Can Install Your Contactless Vending Machine

While you can put your contactless vending machine in any environment, it’s important to place it in an area where people can access it easily. We hope these 5 spots we’ve listed have given you some confidence that vending could often works well in your workplace, education or leisure facility.

After you’ve decided on a contactless vending solution that’s right for you, you’ll benefit from our fully managed vending solution. With our fully managed vending machine service, we can tailor it to suit your workplace or leisure facility’s needs. By choosing this vending service, it’ll take the stress out of restocking and maintaining your contactless machine.

Thinking about installing a contactless vending solution in your workplace or leisure centre? You can give our expert sales team a call on 01865 341011 or drop us an enquiry – we’d love to hear from you.