What’s the Right Water Solution for Your Business?.

It’s the most abundant resource in the world and yet remains one of the scarcest in the form we need it most – water. It’s used for everything from sanitation, to watering plants and washing cars, but we often overlook the importance of regularly drinking great quality water from an office water dispenser throughout the day.

Implementing the right water solution for your business is an excellent way to encourage staff to hydrate more and help keep themselves healthy and productive during the day. Amongst the options includes bottle fed water coolers, mains fed water coolers, water taps, and water boilers, all of which have their own distinct role in the workplace.

This piece explores the different available water solutions for your business and considers which route is right for you.

Application and environment for your office water dispenser

The main considerations when selecting the right office water dispenser for your business are what role the machine will fulfil, and what environment the water dispenser(s) will be in.

Some businesses will want a water solution purely for chilled water, which will lead them down one of two routes, a water cooler, or a water tap built into the work surface of an office kitchen. In an environment such as an office canteen or in an area where hot drinks are going to be made using loose ingredients like instant coffee, teabags and hot water, the solution could be a hot water tap or a wall mounted water boiler.

Environmental factors that determine the appropriateness of water solutions for your business include the amount of usage by staff, customers or visitors and the type of space (whether it’s an industrial/manufacturing area, or a high-end office environment). In many cases, the brand image is as much a factor in considering what solution to select, as the physical environment is.

For example, a cheap, bottle-fed water cooler might fit in well in a dentist’s surgery as they have a very practical purpose of providing cold water after treatment, but it wouldn’t necessarily be in-keeping with a high-profile legal firm’s reception area or board room. In these settings it might be more appropriate to invest in a more aesthetically pleasing, plumbed in solution with more functionality for sparkling or hot water, as well.

That said, understanding the physical demands on the solution is still of great importance, as your water dispenser needs to be capable of managing any knocks, bangs or scratches from machinery or staff in busy areas, and if the machine is in an environment with hundreds of employees, it’ll need to be able to cope with almost constant use.

Accessibility and hygiene

The COVID-19 pandemic has really shone the spotlight on hygiene and cleanliness of communal spaces and equipment in offices and industrial spaces where staff are in close contact with one another. Though the pandemic has now ended, there has been a likely permanent change in mentality of many business leaders who are concerned about the increased risk of staff illness and the impact this has on their daily operations.

Throughout the pandemic, leading water cooler providers such as Borg and Overström invested heavily in contactless water technology, with the introduction of a range of new accessories including a water cooler smartphone app and foot pedals to allow a completely contactless water vending experience.

If contactless isn’t something you or your business see as necessary, there are other innovations available from water cooler manufacturers that help minimise the risk of virus or bacteria transmission, such as UV-lit dispense areas and antimicrobial films.

Most water dispensers are now available in either tabletop or floor standing water cooler formats, though sometimes a business may need to make reasonable adjustments to areas in their workspace for those in wheelchairs or with other disabilities that make it challenging to use water dispensers at certain heights off the ground. As leaders in the market, Borg and Overström have water coolers in their range with a lower dispense height to cater for those with disabilities. These options are also great for healthcare and education settings, where children may be wanting to dispense water.

Brand and water machine aesthetics

Earlier in the article we mentioned the need for a dentist’s water cooler to serve a practical role for patients needing to rinse after treatment, and for your average dental practice there won’t be much of a brand consideration when selecting a water cooler. However, in higher end businesses with premium brands, brand is a serious consideration and is crucial for maintaining the right brand image for staff and customers alike.

In recent years, there has been a noticeable shift in water solution requirements from office based businesses in agency settings, or city offices, away from water coolers and towards more kitchen-centric solutions like hot water taps. These taps come with an array of customisations, meaning that they can be coated with matt or metallic finishes in colours including black and rose gold, ensuring they fit with the existing aesthetic in expensively finished office spaces.

This also helps centre employees in the main kitchen and breakout areas, which are typically where the best group collaboration and social interactions take place.

Looking at water dispensers and need some help?

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