What Do Modern Vending Services Look Like?.

When you think of vending, you immediately think of cold drinks, snacks and sweets. Vending is far more than a machine dispensing your favourite Coca-Cola drink or chocolate bar, with modern vending services extending to hot drinks, fresh food and much more.

At Connect Vending, we have a wide range of vending services for business owners and facilities teams to choose from. From smart vending machines to snack machines and hot drinks machines, you are guaranteed to find a solution that’s right for your business. 

Vending services have come a long way in the past several years as technology continues to evolve and develop. In our latest blog, we will look at what modern vending services look like in 2022. 

What types of vending solutions are available in 2022? 

In terms of solutions offered by vending machines in the past, you would have been confined to just drinks and snacks. Modern vending solutions are more diverse and offer choice for workers and consumers who want to grab something to eat or drink.

With modern vending services, you can enjoy a cup of freshly ground coffee from a hot drinks machine, a sandwich, hot wrap or salad from a fresh food machine, or a range of snacks and confectionery from ambient bays or machines. The variety of modern vending machines make it quicker, easier and offer consumers far more choice than ever before.

The solutions Connect Vending offer are also brimming with cutting edge technology.  From the latest contactless payment systems, to self scan tills and intelligent vending machine monitoring, our machines are market leading. This means that we can adapt solutions to meet specific consumer requirements, including the ability to take payments by Apple Pay, Google Pay, other contactless methods or in some cases, on account through a self-service till system.

Coffee machines are now part of modern vending service offerings 

In 2022, vending is very much a multi-faceted operation, catering for the needs of modern, forward thinking businesses. Many of our clients now opt for a complete solution, including coffee machines, to sit alongside snack machines, water coolers and fresh food fridges.

Providing your employees with good quality coffee is an inexpensive office perk that can contribute to a positive and highly productive work environment. Our coffee machine range has options to cater for every office size and drink preference.

Once you’ve bought your coffee machine solution from us, we can help maintain your machine with our fully managed or maintenance and support services. From repairing and cleaning your machine to supplying it with fresh Lavazza or Cafe Bonitas coffee beans and other ingredients, we can help. 

Micro Markets are changing the game for vending

When it comes to modern vending services, the Micro Market is changing the game. If you own a business that has hundreds of employees, a Micro Market is a great option for creating a space in your workplace that everyone can utilise to socialise, refuel and recharge.

Unlike a staff canteen that operates within set opening and closing times, a Micro Market is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This type of vending is particularly well suited to those businesses whose staff work shift patterns or unsocial hours.

Rather than pop out to the nearest cafe or supermarket, which in some cases can be miles away, your staff can grab everything they need for a healthy and satisfying lunch on-site. By taking a step into the Micro Market world, businesses can also demonstrate their commitment to providing quality food and beverage provisions to their workforce.

Don’t forget the water coolers

Water dispensers have become an important part of the modern vending service. For organisations looking to put staff wellbeing at the heart of their efforts, having refreshing, filtered water available on tap is a must. There’s no better way to keep staff at the top of their game than by keeping them hydrated!

Water also plays a key role in giving beverage choices to those staff who don’t drink hot drinks, and often goes hand in hand with coffee machines and vending solutions.


The modern vending service not only gives customers more food and drink options, but also provides them with convenience and innovation. Connect Vending is at the forefront of vending innovation as we provide vending solutions to workplaces, universities, hospitals and leisure facilities

If you’re looking to add a vending solution to your workplace or leisure facility, we can help you find a solution that’s right for your business. You can contact our team today for any questions or queries you may have around the vending solutions and services that we offer.