How Smart Vending Has Changed The Game For Good.

The world has changed dramatically over the last year and a half. Where offices and common areas were once a hub of activity, they have remained silent for many months. Now, with a gradual return to normality on the horizon, every corner of industry has been forced to adapt and innovate - vending is no exception.

Advances in technology have helped the vending industry to meet changing consumer needs by offering more than ever before. The obvious benefits of traditional vending machines have been built on, allowing for greater selection and lower maintenance needs. It’s safe to say that with the rollout of micro markets and commercial smart fridges, the vending game has been well and truly changed.

So, how can offices, businesses and public organisations directly benefit from this vending revolution as the return to work gains traction? Here are some of the ways in which our smart machines can directly benefit your employees and customers on their return.

Fully Automated

One of the obvious benefits of vending machines, smart or traditional, is that they are fully automated. This reduces any risk of virus transmission and allows people to visit the machine wherever they want, reducing congestion, preventing queueing problems and helping to keep close contact to a minimum.

All of our smart machines take contactless payments. This means there is no cash changing hands, allowing for a more sterile environment as users can pay using their contactless card or smartphone. With some models, there is even the option to order your food and refreshments via a specialist app.

Easily Integratable

If your business or organisation already has a breakout room or cafeteria area then smart fridges and micro-markets can easily be installed. They’re designed specifically to integrate with your current setup, allowing for an easy transition and minimising the risk of disruptions. They are also incredibly simple to use, meaning staff and any other users will be able to get to grips with them in next to no time.

Simple Maintenance

One downside of traditional vending machines is that they require regular maintenance. However, with this new generation of products these needs have been greatly reduced. Particularly when using our commercial smart fridges, maintenance issues can be fixed quickly and easily when they arise thanks to the size and simplicity of the product.

Fully Managed Services From Connect Vending

If these benefits weren’t enough, our fully managed service means you don’t have to think about the restocking, maintenance or cleaning of your machine. Our engineers can perform hygiene audits to prevent any issues from causing disruption to the service, as well as restocking the machines using data collected from sales. This allows the most popular products to be kept in good supply at the most important times.

Our smart fridges also monitor the best before dates of all food stored in them. This comes with its own set of benefits but most importantly prevents contamination and helps reduce food waste.

If you think your organisation could benefit from our micro market or smart fridge services then get in touch with our expert team today. They’ll be happy to guide you through the process and help to identify the perfect vending solution for you.