How Vending Machines Can Promote Healthier Drinking Habits.

Keeping yourself hydrated throughout the day and drinking plenty of fluids is an important part of maintaining a healthy diet. Not drinking enough can lead to dehydration, which makes it difficult to concentrate at work, as well as giving you headaches and leading to other health conditions. 

It can be easy for you to grab an unhealthy drink that’s filled with sugar from the nearest corner shop or supermarket. When it comes to promoting healthier drinking habits, drinks vending machines can be useful in providing alternative options either in the office or a public space.

Vending machines and water dispensers can play a key part in ensuring that you stay hydrated and get more fruit and vegetables in your diet through juices and low-calorie drinks. In our latest blog, we look at how vending machines can promote healthier drinking habits.

How much should I drink per day?

The NHS Eatwell Guide says that you should drink between six to eight cups or glasses of fluids per day. When it comes to the types of drinks that count, it includes water, tea, coffee, fruit juice and smoothies. Drinking the required amount of fluids per day will ensure that you stay hydrated throughout the day.

Fizzy drinks and energy drinks are high in calories and contain lots of sugar, making it a less healthy option compared to water and other drinks. Drinking these types of drinks on a regular basis can play a factor in you becoming overweight. Limiting the amount of sugary drinks you drink can be useful if you are looking to change your drinking habits.

Makes it convenient to access healthy drink options 

Having a healthy drinks vending machine makes it convenient to access healthy drinks options. Rather than nipping off to the nearest corner shop or cafe, a drinks vending machine makes it easier to grab your favourite juice or low-calorie option on the go. It means that you can stay hydrated while on your morning commute to work.

If you don’t fancy juice, then a water dispenser is a great alternative to a drinks vending machine. Having a water dispenser makes it easier when it comes to drinking more water, but it also promotes healthier drinking habits. If you have a business with high footfall, then our water coolers and water taps can ensure that employees and visitors stay hydrated with crystal clear, chilled drinking water.

Healthy drinks vending machines and water dispensers make it easier for workers and customers to adopt healthier drinking habits. By providing them with those options, they are more likely to regularly choose a healthy option over a can of pop.

Great employee perk for workplaces

When it comes to creating a great workplace culture, having a healthy drinks vending machine is a simple but effective perk. It’s also a great way of promoting healthier drinking habits, encouraging employees to choose juices, smoothies and water over fizzy drinks.

By showing to your workforce that you care about their health, it means that they can be more productive at work. It means that they are able to increase their five a day and water intake while also having access to refreshing drinks without having to leave the workplace.

How Connect Vending’s drinks vending machines can promote healthier drinking habits 

At Connect Vending, our drinks vending machines can play a major role in promoting healthier drinking habits for your employees, clients and customers. We can install your healthy drinks vending machine in any environment, whether that’s in an office breakout room or in a hospital.

When you buy a healthy drinks vending machine from Connect Vending, it’ll be equipped with the latest technology. It means that you can enjoy getting your favourite bottle of fruit juice or smoothie from the machine and drink it on your desk or on a train.

If you find yourself low on healthy drinks in your machine, we will take care of this for you with our fully managed vending machine service. Our fully managed service ensures that we will take care of filling up your machine with healthy drinks options that your workforce, customers and clients can enjoy.


The health benefits that a drinks vending machine provides are perfect for promoting healthier drinking habits in a wide range of environments. By having a drinks vending solution in your office or leisure environment, it’ll encourage your workforce or customers to choose water or  juice over a bottle of cola.

If you are looking to promote healthier drinking habits in your workplace or leisure facility, we can help fit a drinks vending machine for you. Speak to our team today, who will be able to answer any questions you may have around our healthy cold drinks that we stock with your machine.