The Benefits Of Vending Machines At Universities.

If you’ve recently visited a university campus, it’s likely that you have walked past or bought a snack or drink from a vending machine. Vending machines are a common sight in universities as they give students instant access to their favourite drinks and healthy snacks.

Unlike a canteen or shop that has set opening and closing times, a university vending machine is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It means that students can grab a snack, sandwich or bottle of water without having to leave the university campus.

We look at the benefits of vending machines at universities and how they can transform how staff and students can access food and drink.

Vending machines offer more convenience than canteens

Having a university vending solution offers greater convenience for staff and students looking for their favourite snacks and drinks. If you’re unable to access a canteen, then having a drinks vending machine located on multiple floors of a campus makes it easy for you to grab a bottle of water, your favourite chocolate bar or sandwich. If you work or study at a University then you are likely to have a busy schedule, heading between lecture halls or seminars, so using a vending machine avoids the queue at the canteen tills.

Another huge benefit of having vending machines on your university campus, is that it eliminates the need for staff and students to go completely off-site to buy a drink or snack. This is especially beneficial for those University campuses which are situated out in the countryside, away from the food and drink providers of a bustling city high street.

Provide quick and easy access to healthy options

Placing a vending solution at your University gives you the freedom to control the type of products accessible to your students and staff. Rather than go for a bag of crisps, students can purchase a granola and yoghurt pot, or a fresh salad. By opting for a healthier snack, you’re showing that you are committed to maintaining the health and wellbeing of students and staff.

That’s where a healthy vending machine can come in handy on your university campus, which can be an excellent alternative to a snack vending machine. It provides staff and students options for grabbing a quick healthy snack or drink in between lectures, which can improve their productivity levels.

Scaling up vending provisions is easy and flexible

Location is key for university vending machines, with demand being dependent on where you install them. If you find that a machine is taking off in one location, you can easily replicate the setup in similar locations without making massive changes to infrastructure, while not needing to onboard staff.

You might also decide that in certain areas, energy drinks, water or healthy food is particularly popular – you can very quickly adapt your machine stock to add more lines and increase capacity for your top products. When it comes to food and drink in vending machines, consumers talk with their wallets – by analysing sales you can increase consumer satisfaction almost overnight with these changes.

How Connect Vending Can Install A Vending Machine In Your University

We hope some of the benefits of having a vending machine at your university have convinced you to consider having one on campus. It’s all about ensuring you place the machines in areas where there’s going to be high footfall, such as libraries, social study areas and common rooms.

Once you’ve decided on the vending solutions you want on your university campus, you can also benefit from our fully managed vending service. We can tailor our fully managed vending service to suit any location, from leisure centres to workplaces and universities. It’ll take the stress out of maintaining and restocking your vending machine.

Looking to install a vending machine on your university campus? Give our expert sales team a call on 01865 341011 or drop us an enquiry – we’d love to hear from you.