Vending and The Return To Work After Covid.

As businesses across the UK begin to welcome employees back to the office, we explore the role that vending machines are likely to play in the return to work after Covid 19.

There are many logistical issues to overcome as workplaces gear up to ensure employee safety upon their return. Sanitising stations, increased cleaning and maintaining social distancing are just some of the challenges that have to be overcome. When it comes to refreshments, however, there is an ideal solution in the form of vending machines.

With lunchtime habits having seemingly changed dramatically, vending solutions provide the perfect way for staff to access fresh food without having to leave the office. Visiting the local cafe or shop is still a source of great anxiety for many, so having the option to use a vending machine will come as a great relief.

Flexible Vending

In 2021, jobs became more flexible than ever before, almost overnight. This has then fed into other aspects of our working lives where a similar level of flexibility is now expected. Vending allows employees to pick and choose when and what they want, with modern technology allowing for a large selection of fresh food and drink to be available on a daily basis.

For example, Connect Vending’s Deli Café allows for high-quality fresh food to be on offer 24/7. Staff simply need to make their selection, scan their items and pay. They can then enjoy the benefits whenever it suits their schedule. With a varied selection of fresh foods available that can be fully managed by us, there is no risk of the menu becoming stale.

Hygiene & Cleanliness

Another major benefit of investing in vending machines as we return to the office is their standard of hygiene. There are now machine functions that allow anyone to select and pay for their refreshment of choice using an app before going to collect it. This helps to avoid congestion at the machine and keeps contact to a minimum.

With many machines, there is also the option for distance selection and antimicrobial finishes to avoid contact and to destroy microorganisms and bacteria, respectively. This helps to ensure maximum hygiene levels and prevents the spread of bacteria and viruses.

There is also the option for professional cleaning services to be included with your machine. Carried out by our technicians, managed cleaning solutions mean that your machine is deep cleaned regularly to prevent the unwanted build-up of dirt or bacteria. These deep cleans can be conducted as part of a wider management service where stock is replenished and the machine is serviced when needed. Replenishing stock is especially useful as it avoids any fresh produce that goes out of date from remaining in the vending machine or smart fridge.

Return to the Office With Connect Vending

If you’re looking for ways in which you and your staff can return to the workplace safely, perhaps one of our vending solutions could help. We offer a wide range of services, from the canteen-style Deli Café to more traditional coffee machines, water stations and snack machines.

Get in touch with our team today to discuss the needs of your office and we’ll be happy to assist in recommending the best product for you.