How Can Your Business Benefit from Fully Managed Vending?.

Vending machines and commercial coffee machines are a great addition to loads of places including offices, public spaces and leisure centres. While they offer great alternatives to bringing food to work, heading to the café around the corner or having to run to the shop for a snack, they don’t always work for everyone.  

One of the most common issues is the maintenance and upkeep they require. 

Once the decision has been made to buy a vending machine, it only benefits people if kept topped up with snacks and refreshments and properly maintained. 

What Are Fully Managed Services?

Quite simply, a fully managed service takes the hassle out of having a vending machine. Choosing to make the most of a service like this means you can spend less time worrying about the machines themselves and more time focussing on your day-to-day (whilst being able to stop for a quick snack or refreshment whenever needed).

The benefits of using a fully managed service are: 

Zero Hassle  

We take care of everything! From delivery of the machines to stocking, maintenance and cash removal – our team will make sure you get maximum benefit without you having to go out of your way.

Free Survey & Installation

As part of our zero hassle promise to you, fully managed services come with a free site survey along with installation. This means that our engineers will visit you before installation to make sure all is in order and that you have the right machine for your space.

Scheduled Visits

If any issues do come up when our team is not there then you can schedule a call-out at your convenience. This means things like machine breakdowns or low stock issues can be sorted quickly while working around you.

Professional Engineers

Our engineers have been working with vending machines for many years and are experts in their field. Whether it’s mechanical issues or software problems, they’ll be able to fix any issues that arise in no time. They’ll also keep your machine ticking over with regularly scheduled cleaning, maintenance and hygiene audits.

Technical Support

Sometimes, problems can be fixed without our engineers having to attend. We have comprehensive technical support available to anyone with a fully managed service. This means you can solve any minor issues quickly and get your machines back up and running.  

Stock Management 

Using a fully managed service means you’ll have your machine fully stocked all year round. We monitor popular products to ensure you never go without your favourite snack as well as ensuring the appropriate stock rotation takes place to minimise waste. We can also recommend new products to try from our stock – we have snacks and beverages available from all of the major manufacturers.

Designed to Suit You

These services are packaged and designed to suit your or your business’ needs. They can be tailored to suit you to fit around your staff and day-to-day operations. With the option to choose when we come out to see you, what stock you have available and which machines are installed, you’ll get the most out of your investment. There is also a wide range of finance packages available to fit every budget.

What To Expect From a Fully Managed Service

At Connect Vending, we have a network of engineers covering all areas, meaning our team is never too far away. Complete vending services are suitable for all our solutions including hot beverage, cold beverage and fresh food vending machines. Our DELI CAFE micro-market also comes fully managed as standard. 

Our operators will fill and replenish stock regularly, professionally clean your machines to ensure they run properly, carry out hygiene audits, monitor data for quality control and even collect cash on your behalf. 

Fully managed services are flexible and help you get the most from your vending machines. Contact our team today to discuss your requirements and find out more about how our fully managed service could help you.