Your Guide To The Future Of Workplace Refreshment.

If you are reading this blog, it’s quite likely that you will be indulging in your favourite snack, drink or lunch meal you’ve bought in your workplace through a vending machine of some sort. 

Over the past two years, the pandemic has accelerated innovation in the vending industry. Vending companies and suppliers are having to reach customers in new ways to provide companies with refreshment solutions that they’ll want to buy in the workplace.

We have put together a guide, covering the future of workplace refreshment. From healthy lifestyles to fresh food, we’ll look at the vending innovations that will be shaping the way workers eat and drink in the coming years.

Micro markets

Gone are the days when your company used to have a fully-staffed workplace canteen, which is now being replaced by the Micro Market. We’ll be seeing more of these self-service canteens as they provide a wide range of refreshments and fresh food options for workers without having to leave the workplace.

The Micro Market layout can be tailored to provide your workforce with a space to be able to refuel with healthy food and drinks that employees can enjoy with other co-workers. When it comes to the benefits of MicroMarkets for companies, not only is it available 24/7, but it can also boost the wellbeing of workers, helping them stay productive at work.

Smart vending machines

The innovation of smart vending machines (smart fridges) have changed the vending machine game. Commercial smart vending machines are designed to provide plenty of healthy snacks, lunches and drinks for workers.

There are many benefits that come with installing smart vending machines. The technology that comes with a smart vending machine can allow you to monitor the food and drink expiry dates, which in turn will help to minimise waste. Another benefit of smart vending machines is that they are incredibly secure, and you can also manage your machine remotely from an offsite location.

Companies going down the fully managed service route

When a company installs a vending machine, it needs to be maintained and regularly stocked. A fully-managed service takes the stress out of your business having to worry about engineers and suppliers having to repair and top up your vending machine.

The fully managed service innovation doesn’t just cover vending machines, but also hot drinks machines too. There are endless benefits for businesses using a fully managed service, which includes regularly replenishing vending products, as well as the service being tailored to your company so that it suits the needs of your business.

Healthy vending machines

As workforces are prioritising their health and wellbeing, the future of workplace refreshment lies in healthy vending machines.

With workers eating less meat and embracing vegetarian and vegan diets, having healthy snacks in your workplace is essential. Vending can now be part of a healthy lifestyle, which is where our healthy vending machines can come in and provide snacks that help keep your workforce happy, healthy and productive.


Workplace refreshment has changed significantly over the past couple of years with the pandemic. The rise in remote and hybrid working has forced businesses to adapt to how they provide healthy, fresh food to workers through vending.

These vending innovations will continue long into the future as these vending solutions become commonplace in various workplace environments. Depending on the type of vending solution you want, you can help supercharge your employees’ health and wellbeing.  

You can speak to our team today, who can help you find the right vending solution for your workplace.